Robotics;Notes episode 5: The End is Near

Things are about to get really interesting, while the show was slow for the first 4 episodes at least now we finally have the goal of the series revealed. It seems that this time around it is NASA that is building a huge conspiracy about one of their discoveries. They know that the world will end in 2025 and the show takes place in 2019, so they basically have 6 years to save the world from impending doom.

Now every main characters of the show have been introduced; the evil organization, the conspiracy and the way humanity fall have all been revealed too. We are ready for the real deal to begin. It seems that Yashio might even find some kind of personal vendetta in this adventure since his disease and Senomiya’s are related to this unexplained and hidden phenomenon.

Daitoku was finally well introduced this episode, I still find her character a little shallow for now, but she only had a single episode in the real spotlight so I might simply be quick to judge here. I think she might simply not be my kind of character, I’m not a big fan of the occult and she is, I don’t like character who are to shy and she is, I don’t like girl with short hair and she has short hair. I think she was just made to be my most un-waifu girl of the show.

We also had the chance to finally take a look at Airi for the first time, she is there in flesh in blood ! Or more accurately, she isn’t there and she is most likely only metal and circuits. I’m not sure if I like the whole android thing just yet, but she is playing her part well in the story, we already received so much information by finally seeing her. I still find it a little disturbing though that her other persona’s name is Sister Centipede, it reminds me of a really gross and fucked up movie I know off. It is not really the kind of association I usually like to make with a cute robot girl, it always give me this gruesome taste in my mouth when I see her now.

ZeroGhj signing off

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