Robotics;Notes episode 6: Shattered Dreams of the Moe Boy

I absolutely love Frau, that girl is the incarnation of everything Geek. The only way she could have been geekier would have been if she was ugly and even paler than she already is. there is absolutely no characters who could come close to her awesomeness in term of geekiness. She is by far my favorite for this show and I’ll be keeping on eye on her, meanwhile she’ll most likely keep an eye on me since according to her guys with glasses are so moe. I’d even do the naked photo shoot if she asked for it kindly enough. Not sure I would agree to the whole Savannah trip though, I don’t mind being naked, by I really dislike being chased by tigers…especially when those tigers are just gay guys looking for fun.

Meanwhile, Junna is winning the heart of every girl with her cuteness, I’m not really into cuteness. To be perfectly honest, I hardly understand its concept. I know when something is kawai or not, I know the sign, the definition, but I cannot seem to really get it ever. I don’t find it appealing at all. For me Junna looks like a useless klutz with social anxiety and a robophobia. I don’t understand what is so cute with someone who isn’t able to achieve anything, I don’t see how being useless is a quality. To be shy is something needed to be quite, you need to be someone who works hard and you need to have a lack of confidence (usually this is implied when someone is shy). I’d rather have overconfident lazy bastard like Yashio than to endure characters like Junna and Senomiya all day long.

This episode Yashio found something quite interesting… A DOOR! Seriously that scene is just as bad as Kira’s potato chips in death note, too much emphasis on something so ordinary. There is a door in a house? HOW UNUSUAL ! That scene was taken completely out of proportion and it made me miss the seriousness of the next 5 minutes which explained how Aiko’s master died murdered and all the data were erased. It should have been a really serious and dramatic mood, but since my mind was still stuck on the whole “Door issue” I completely missed that atmosphere and couldn’t take the information seriously.

Later in the episode we see Subaru’s dream being shattered right in front of our faces and this  scene did hit me. It was really well done and you could feel every single emotions that Subaru felt, you could really empathize with him and understand why even though his dream was shattered he had no choice but to accept it.  Life is not fair, justice is a word humanity invented, it never existed in nature. Dreams are shattered, no matter how great you are, or how talented you are at something, it doesn’t mean your dream will come true. It is a sad fact of life that more dreams are shattered than fulfilled in the world. I hope at least in an anime some of their dreams will come true.

ZeroGhj signing off

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