Robotics;Notes episode 7: M.I.B

Isn’t it a little creepy to have such a childish and creepy song playing all over the country at random sending weird mail to everyone? It seems like the story as a liking for the cryptic and the unexpected. The song might be old and for a children games, but it sure as hell gives me the chills. It doesn’t help anything that right after the song was done secret agent in black suit showed up, lead by a high school girl who take herself way too seriously.

I don’t know who those people are, I don’t know where they come from or why  they even have any interest in that bunch, but they must be on to something, the last time I saw people in black car in Steins;Gate bad thing happened, I can only expect the same thing or similar to happen in Robotics;Notes. We know that the end of the world is close and there is some sort of conspiracy surrounding this, but why would people show up to them, is it because of Kaito who knows too much? Who knows.

In completely different news, it is kind of hilarious how they finally managed to get all their pieces for their robot, but now Juna has to be the pilot, I somehow have high doubt that that girl has any chance of piloting it or to be in any way useful. We already know from the very first scene of the show that Kaito will still be the pilot in the end, but I’m curious how it will get to that. After all, right now Kaito is too busy playing video game in a girl’s room in between two of her dirty bra to focus on piloting a giant robot to save the world. Speaking of Frau, I’m surprised that Kaito was not raped yet, that girl is sexually creepy and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kaito suddenly disappear only to be found again years later chained up to Frau’s bed and fed only Viagra for the past 5 years.

I was surprised to see the old rocker so soon, I though he would stay away from the story for a little while, after all I didn’t think that Senomiya had any business left with him, but I completely forgot that she had yet to pay her dept to him. I’m still surprised that old geyser  can still manage to hear it when someone comes over, the music he listen to is so loud that it could break any classes in a 2 km radius, I think it must be some kind of magic that his ear have yet to fall off. I guess we’ll see in future episode how he managed to survived this loud music for so long (or absolutely not and this is not an important plot point at all).

ZeroGhj signing off

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