Robotics;Notes episode 8: Rock you like a Hurricane

You find out that you need to complete little flag to get some secret report, first of all you don’t even question why those flags are so ridiculously stupid and secondly you decide to attempts them during a hurricane. Look, the task was really easy, push green button and then do so again in an hour. If Kaito did so on a sunny day he would have had it easy and did all the flag without any trouble an in overall most likely less than 2 hours time. But noooo, Kaito had to try and do it in the middle of a hurricane because waiting a single day would have been wayyy too long. Instead it is such a better idea to get so close to dying and having 3 family try and rescue you. Spending the next day in the hospital was such a more productive use of his time.

I mean seriously at no point during the flag did it ever said you had to risk your life, you had to play 2 games and push a freakin’ button. Kaito is too hardcore for this shit, he had to do it during a storm. I’ve rambled enough about this, but it just makes me so upset and confused how stupid this set up was.

Back to other important topics, there was such hype and foreshadowing about some unknown organization showing up to kidnap the team working on the GunPro-1. Turns out it was Senomiya’s father that organized the kidnapping and that they might have been kidnapped but it was for  the silliest reasons ever. Why would they even go there with multiple black vans and people in black suits? Scratch that, why does a space organization have so many buff guys with black suits and glasses? Either the center has a very bad financial focus and management, or there is more than meets the eye in that organization. From the size of the thing I highly doubt that they have the budget to hire so many bodyguard, I don’t even understand why they would need so many to begin with.

Meanwhile I can understand why Senomiya rejected the offer of working with JAXA, after all she does wants to build that robot using the plan created by her sister. Now the thing that is bothering me, is that she even considered accepting at some point. Did she somehow forget that she already had a sponsor? She already found someone who gave them all the pieces she needed and she agreed to the contract. Even if she wanted she couldn’t end that sponsorship so easily. Why would she even take JAXA funding for if she already have all the parts she needs from her other sponsor, she has both the tools, the plans and the parts. I don’t understand why she is antagonizing so much about her decision to turn down JAXA.

ZeroGhj signing off

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