Robotics;Notes episode 9: GunFail-1

Such a sad episode this time again. I had no idea that Senomiya’s sister was such a bitch. I knew that she was now stuck in some kind of weird mess and her look on the world is quite grim, but I’m sure she has some pretty good reason to have become such a mean character…right?  There was obviously something important which happened in the past for Misaki because of the way her personality and relation with her sister suddenly changed. She is seen as caring and protective of Akiho when Akiho was still young, but before she left she was mean and really tsundere towards her. Even now she refered to the GunPro-1 as a pile of junk.

It is especially cruel to Akiho since she is trying her best to be accepted by her older sister. Akiho spent most of her school years and so much energy to complete the Gunpro, she wanted to amaze Misaki and only managed to do something ordinary in the end, just like Misaki said at first. I feel like a jerk to say this, but I must agree with Misaki here, Akiho is useless and while her super optimism is a good quality, it doesn’t give her any useful skills or originality. She has no dream of her own, no project she can undertake by herself. She relies on Kaito constantly for everything in her life. That girl might talk big but overall she is useless. Having said that, she does manage to find so many friends and actually competent people to work with her.

I just feel that the only reason Akiho is achieving anything at all is because Kaito is there for her, Kaito might refuse to do anything most of the time, he might look like such a downer, but when he says he’ll do something he does it. He understands the importance of promises and he knows how to act to make people happy and to help them reach their dream.

Enough talk about the characters themselves, this episode the Gunpro-1 was finally finished, the bottom and top part were put together and the show was on. It was big and impressive, but god were the controls and movement clunky. They had such an old and useless engine in that thing that I’m surprised the thing didn’t explode at start-up. I was so certain that the robot would atleast roll around even if it didn’t actually walk, but as Misaki refered to it, it is just a pile of junk. There is no future for that robot, something much more impressive and well done will have to be created to make it something worthwhile to watch. I think the investor must be completely devastated after such a horrible show…then again it is their own fault for having such a huge display without even trying it first. I just hope another, much more powerful robot will be made soon.

ZeroGhj signing off

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