Robotics;Notes [First Impression] episode 1: let’s make a robot

I’ve seen team of scientists develop a new generation of even more power mecha. I’ve seen a harem of little girls fighting in exoskeleton mecha. I’ve seen fairies fighting like mecha; but I had yet to see a school club make mecha in their spare time.

Akiho and Kaito are building themselves a full-scale replica of a mecha from some random anime that played during their youth. There are some delusional people in the world sometimes, and I think Akiho certainly is one of them. That girl said it herself: her only virtue is how stupidly positive she is. She is as dumb as it gets. She doesn’t have the nickname “Aki the Turtle” for nothing. She seems simply unable to think one step ahead, and she jumps into impossible projects without thinking of the implications or the consequences. She is the perfect character for this show: she’ll be able to go in way over her head and end up somewhere she never intended to go. I have seen (and loved) Steins;Gate, and I don’t know what to expect from this show. Will we stay in this little school life for long? Or will the show quickly become way more sad, dramatic and cruel?

The other member of the club we met was Kaito. While we already know that he is pretty decent at video games, he doesn’t seem too active in the club. To be honest, I have trouble understanding why he bothered joining it in the first place. Yes, he does enjoy playing a video game that is based on the robot they are creating, but he doesn’t seem to have any interest in partaking in its creation.  We saw him do absolutely nothing in the club for 3 days straight, and from the attitude of the guy, I somehow doubt that he acts differently during the rest of the year.

If the show was really only about those two building a robot, I honestly doubt I would be watching it. The reason why I am so hyped about this is because it is only the first episode and we already have someone coming from the future that appeared. I have some reason to believe that it will either try to help the realization of the robot, or end it completely. In either case, this ought to be interesting.

Still, the show is already beautiful and I can already bet money on it that it will be awesome. I will be watching this show, and I will be blogging the hell out of it too. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Take my warning seriously here, this will be awesome; I can guarantee it. I have no idea how, but this show will make you scream like a little fangirl every time it airs, every week, for the weeks to come.

ZeroGhj signing off

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