Robotics;Notes Overall Review

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Robotics;Notes was a 22 episodes long snore fest that I absolutely regret watching. The show gave me high hopes because of the 2 big hit of the same universe that preceded it: Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate. Unfortunately this one was a complete flop and in this review we’ll look at every elements individually and see why Robotics;Notes completely failed to make a good impression and to make it worth watching.

Art and Animations

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The show might sucks, but it looks good. The animation is on par with the previous titles like Steins;Gate, on that end, the show seems to be doing pretty well. The budget for that show must have been through the roof since the great success of Steins;Gate and I can’t say that the money for the art department went to waste. The show is beautiful, the scenery is constantly interesting and the show goes for a vast range of backgrounds, from summer beaches to dark laboratories.  The show had a good vibe from episode 1 to 22, even when drama was at the center of an episode the show always had this optimistic feel because of Senomiya and the show art did a great job at reflecting that state of mind.

Having said that, the animation was nothing absolutely spectacular either, there was never a moment when I thought to myself “Wow, this is beautiful”. The show was beautiful, but not mind-blowingly so. For those reason it earns a 9 out of 10 for animation and art.

Rating: 9/10




This is where things already start to fall down. Robotics;Notes (like his two predecessor) was based on a dating sim and therefore it is normal to see the character reflect that reality. Having said that, Robotics;Notes was made into an anime and it is therefore normal to expect the character to be as deep and interesting as characters of anime should be. Yet in Robotics;Notes everything goes wrong from the very beginning. The main characters of the show is a boring uni-dimensional guy who doesn’t seem to have any personality what so ever. Kaito is great at Kill-Balad and he has a special power that makes him even better at the game, that’s pretty much what the character is all about. So, we already know that we won’t be able to get much fun from watching the main character, but that doesn’t matter as much if the surrounding character can set the tone of the show…right?

Akiho is the primary love interest of Kaito and she is one of the stupidest, most useless and uninteresting and annoying character I have seen in  a while. I understand the whole childhood friend thing, but you don’t go out with the useless childhood friend ! The other love interest of the show are Juna and Frau, the two of them have their moe factor and they are interesting choice depending of the interest of the viewer, but for some reason they were both pretty much ignored and had only little attention set on them during the show. Frau was by far the only character I like in the whole show and I was starting to be annoyed by her slightly at the end. It is not a good thing when after a season worth of episode you get sick of tired of the only interesting character in a show.

Overall the characters in the show are difficult to relate to, they have uninteresting persona that see little to no change and some of them barely even fit at all in the story. Juna was completely useless from start to end, Akiho was the one who initiated the project by using her extreme enthusiasm but it was the only thing she had going for her. The main character barely changed between the beginning and end of the show and the change in the other character just felt weak and disappointing.

For all those reason, Robotics;Notes gets a 6 out of 10 for character design and development.

Rating 6/10


Soundtrack & Opening/Ending

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Even with a shitty set-up it is always possible to make something quite decent when it comes to art and sound. This goes for Robotics;Notes too. The openings were pretty decent and while I must admit that I didn’t enjoy their second opening as much as I did the first one, I can’t say that any of them was bad either.

The ending of the show was pretty bad thought, especially the first one, which had thousands of still shot of a girl who was so unimportant in the show (so unimportant in fact that I even forget she was a part of the show to begin with).

The intro and outro were decent, but nothing outright awesome, this is why the show gets a 8 out of 10.

Rating 8/10



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Robotics;Notes had what could seems as quite the solid story, or at least it is what it looks like at first sight. The reality is that the story
had so many major flaws that it completely overwhelmed the positive aspect of it. First comes the fact that only a third of the actual show was spent on the story, the 2/3rd left was all about the characters, you know those boring characters with no future? Already the show loses a lot of points when the major plot is shrunk to a tiny portion of the air time.

Another important issue with the story was the enormous amount of plot holes it had. Even at the end it was never actually revealed why Kimijima had the intention to kill most people on earth. We knew he wanted to do his big project but we never learned why. Meanwhile it just seems that most of the story was completely useless to the development of the show. Juna’s character development, for example, was so slim that it felt absolutely pointless to spend 2 episodes on her alone. Meanwhile the members of the robotics club spent most of the episodes working on their stupid robot, which while at the center of the show, was completely disappointing and useless.

That gundamn robot, it was slow, hunky and ugly. It felt like a huge moving colossus more than a real piloted entity. It just feels like the show completely let us down from beginning to end. The show tried to be too serious for how lame everything was. Mizuka might have died, but the world was saved by a bunch of children which piloted a huge piece of scrap metal.

I wanted to learn about that conspiracy group, I wanted some insight on the world that was about to end and why people wanted something like this to happen, but instead we were shown little information and shovel’s of bullshit. This is why Robotics;Notes gets a low mark of 7 out of 10 in term of story.

Rating: 7/10


Overall Entertainment Value

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This show was boring to the bone. This is why I think this show is a waste of time. Sure it got pretty animation, good openings, a decent story for background and sub-par character. But the thing that really make this show into the piece of shit that it is, its the fun factor. From episode to episode it just feels like you are wasting your time trying to make sense of everything, because at the end of the show everything goes as lame as they could go. The worst romance path is taken, the worst plot hole remains and the action at the end is lamer than a grandma in a coma. As previously stated about 2 thirds of the episodes are spent on character development and yet the characters never seems to develop. We might learn more about them, but you can never see any kind of psychological progression. This means that you can already count that 2 thirds of the show is boring. What is even worse is that the plot is lackluster, the characters are lackluster and the ending is so poor that I think I died a little inside when I was watching it.

Robotics;Notes is a complete crap in term of entertainment. It is not enjoyable in the least and the little part of the show that entertaining enough and worthwhile take so many episode to get to that they are not even worth waiting for. If things were not bad enough the show also had to have the name of Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head staple on it so that we would have even greater expectation. Because of this the show gets a 4 for entertainment, and I’m being generous here.

Rating:  4/10



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A show that was hoped to be just as great as Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head, I was expecting for Robotics;Notes to become the new masterpiece of the year. Oh boy was I surprised, I even feel trolled. The show was honestly so bad that I actually regret watching it, the only thing that kept me going was the ending which I expected to be over the top awesome, yet the ending was the worst part of the whole show (which was already terrible). For those reasons I feel violated after spending so much time watching the show. It might not have been a terrible thing that the show only had 22 episodes instead of 25 or 26, because even those 22 episodes already felt like a complete season of filler, and I hate fillers.

I don’t recommend this show to anyone, it is a waste of your time, even if you have low standard this show is not worth your time, go watch some generic ecchi harem instead. Better watch something ordinary than something as bad as this thing.


Final Rating: 5/10


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