The Rolling Girls episode 1 [First Impression]: This was Lost on Me

The Rolling Girls Green super hero

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As much as I like Japanese culture and anime, this anime is so localized, so geographically centered on Tokyo and its surrounding, it is impossible for me to understand most of the prefectural reference. I feel most of the reference in this show are simply lost on me at this point. To be fair, this could also be based on my home city and I would still be lost about the cultural different of the particular areas. I don’t think the anime has a bad concept or is done poorly in anyway, but I just couldn’t really get into it.

The Rolling Girls enemy girl with trombone

First, I have never been a huge fan of super hero anime and this one in particular looks even more…small and stupid. When things get too friendly, when universe become centralized on the small life of small people with small ambitions, it becomes really difficult for me to take things seriously and be interested in it. As is the case with The Rolling Girls, this somehow feel a lot more like high school gang having silly competition to see who’s the stronger, rather than representative of powerful conglomerate fighting one another. I understand it was already said that anyone remotely important and powerful vanished in that universe, but it just makes the show even more aggravating that everyone there are basically worthless idiots. I am into power, I am into greatness, those petty scuffles are meaningless in my book, not just in real life, but in this anime as well.

The Rolling Girls pretty explosion

 The fighting style in the anime is beautiful and yet also a cunning exercise of hiding every movement and animation that would be required to make them look real otherwise.  As far as it appears, animation isn’t the strength of this studio, since they even have their main character have a mask which does not show mouth movement as to avoid animating the slightest thing. Some people would say they are lazy, but I’d rather see it as an intelligent way to go around your weaknesses.

I’m not interested in covering this anime, or watching it for that matter, but it looks to be a production by competent individuals that understand what they are doing, so I would expect this to be a very appreciated show for the season for anyone into this genre. Probably an anime people will see as a success for the season.

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