Ruugajou Nanana no Maizoukin episode 4: Falling Masks

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This episode was a huge reveal of characters for Ruugajou Nanana no Maizoukin. I knew we would learn more about all our characters, but I never expected for things to scale up this much in such a short amount of time. The first episode really made us think that we knew the basic of our main character, I never expected to find out that much more backstory to him…I never expected the show to lie to the audience itself. It is quite a feat to manage to get so far into the story with a character lying every time he is on screen, pretending like he is just a regular guy on this new island. I must commend the creator of the show for managing something like that in such a brilliant way. There were even clues every, I just never even considered about looking for them. The anime turns out to be more than I expected at every new episode and that’s something incredible in this day and age where everything seems to have been done already.

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First I was ready for a comedic school life, afterward the adventure and collection of Nanana started to gain importance and now we have different organizations and characters lying to one another and fighting while staying friends. We have joined a world of betrayal and false truth which is most interesting to follow. Our main character is the failed heir of a robin hood-esque thieves organization, the leader of the adventure club is a double-faced bastard who wants to conquer the world, the Master Detective proves to be as talented as she claims and meanwhile Nanana’s ghost keeps on eating pudding and playing video games. I feel like the complexity of the show can easily increase even more in the next few episode before we start figuring out exactly who our main character really is and what he wants.

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This episode focused a lot on dreams and how to achieve them. The Club president had a very delusional and fantastic approach to solving his dreams, he believed too much in fairytales and divine power to achieve his dream, but he never really had the dedication to go through with it. If it was really my dream to conquer the world and I was given the Cane it wouldn’t have taken me over a day to achieve it, I wouldn’t have wasted time on deals and the like and would have discarded everything else in my life to achieve my goal. This is the reason why Juugo was visibly annoyed at Isshin, Juugo seemed to have some pretty fun goal before, but he got rid of them to start over. He visibly tried a lot to achieve them but was never able to make it despite his best effort. It must be difficult for him to see everyone around claiming to become Master something or Conqueror of that. He probably had such ambitions before and realized how impossible they were and hit a solid wall at some point. Now, what were those ambitions, what wall did he hit and was it really impossible for him to manage his dream is a whole other question, but I don’t believe we have yet enough evidence to figure it out. We will have to wait a couple more episode for that.

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