Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin episode 10: Final Battle

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As much as I appreciated the art style and idea behind Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin those past 10 episodes, I can’t say I am overly happy with the way things are turning out. It might be because of the high expectation I had for the show, or simply because of how great the show tries to be, but I see it miss the mark on too many things lately which just makes the experience forgettable. The story has been scattered from the very beginning, we were introduced to tons of characters but their relationship and development was limited if present at all. For one I never seem to realize when Juugo ever got to so attached about Yun, I understood that he felt important to protect her somewhat because she is younger, but I never saw that they were anything more than new friends.

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We currently have the big final battle for Nanana’s treasure, but I feel so detached and uninvolved in the current conflict. I know that Juugo and the adventure club are the ones at the center of the show, but somehow I tend to favor Ikusaba in the current conflict even though I know he won’t win. The guy is obviously kind of a jerk, but really, he is not worse than anyone else at the adventure club. Everyone in the adventure club keep on lying to each other, using each other strength just to betray them afterward, I don’t really understand how Ikusaba is any worse than them in any way. He gave a job offer that was displayed as dangerous and someone took it…what’s the big deal there? Yes it was a little girl who accepted the job, but he didn’t force anyone into it, she is the one who took that decision. I have a very hard time understanding why this character is supposedly more evil than another here. I have trouble understanding why I should want Juugo to win and not Ikusaba. The guy doesn’t come off as the most charming person, but he remains less obnoxious and less of an asshole than Tensai.

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Next episode will be the finale of Ryuugajou Nanana and while the anime was not displeasant to watch, it was definitively forgettable. The story was scattered, unrefined.We were introduce to too many characters which had no role in the story at all. I mean, in the end, why did hundred faces and Yukihime got introduce into the show? They barely had any role in all of this, why did we need a whole episode just to focus on the relationship between Yukihime and Juugo if it didn’t lead to anything in the end? We also met the whole crew which Yun lived with and Yun herself was pretty pointless in the story in the end. I don’t see at all why we spent so much time on her considering how little she was involved in all this.

From start to finish, Ryuugajou Nanana went in places which lead nowhere, it was shown as something which would develop for ages into multiple seasons, but you can’t make the first season of your show go all those direction and not conclude with any of them. This anime is the disappointment of the season to me for all these reasons and more.

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