Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin episode 5: Making Friends

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This episode felt like one huge prequel to something interesting which will happen in the future. I can’t say I particularly liked the episode, but it definitively wasn’t bad in any way either. I just felt like the whole episode was one big excuses to introduce new characters. We got to learn a bit more about Juugo and his relationship with the thieves organization of his father. We saw his relationship with the two thieves we are familiar with and how they might be more involved in the story in the future. It seems that the relationship around Juugo are all rather complex, but he sure knows a lot of people with talents.

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This episode we got to learn about the shady part of the island and how people there are just as unique and weird as everywhere else. It was rather unsurprising to see the tough body guards and the serious gang leader, but the two sister were something else. The combo between the cocky elder sister, leader of the region, with the intimidating look and the younger, cute and scared sister with dragon wings was a rather strange combination. I definitively liked the older sister, but I’m not sure if I really appreciate the “cute” little sister. I feel there is already enough cute little things with the detective, I don’t want too much moe in this show.

Overall, I felt that the episode was a bit off and I simply can’t put my hand on the reason for it. I felt a lot of new characters were introduce and I had trouble relating to Juugo and his way of life. Juugo is such a weird protagonist, he acts like a normal human being half the time, yet we have yet to truly understand what he thinks and how he thinks. He seems to have so much going for him and he simply disregard everything for…what? Is it simply that he is trying to make his own way through life? Find his own path and therefore he disregards everything else to get there, or is he just stupid and stroll through life as he can? Either way, I find him a difficult character to understand, just how intelligent is he is something difficult to figure out.

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It seems that next episode we will have everyone take a trip to the hotspring to find yet another of Nanana’s collection. Just how much fanservice will be in that episode is left to be seen, but “beach” episodes have a tendencies to be rather ecchi in nature in anime and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nanana’s collection would follow the same direction. This being said, there are only 6 episodes left, I feel like the show needs to speed up a bit if there is to be any conclusion. The show is really good so far, but it could all turn to shit very quickly if it is too slow. We are already halfway through the story after all and not much resolution is coming this way.

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