Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin episode 6: Triple Betrayal

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As much as I love Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin, this episode felt way too easy to figure out now that we have the character of Juugo a bit more figured out. Having learned more about him and the “theme” of the show, plus all the very, very obvious evidence, it is easy to understand what happened here. Juugo needed cash, so he leaked information and worked with the two thieves to get the Nanana’s item. From there, he got up early and solve the puzzle by himself, he collected the treasure which he replaced with the cat. He then went ahead and bought pudding, which he shipped back home along with the treasure itself. Somehow, Tensai either didn’t figure that part out completely yet or she simply didn’t say it. She is the one after all who both pointed out how early Juugo got up and how easily he managed to solve the whole puzzle.

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There really was no secret for the viewer anymore about Juugo’s action, we even had him clearly show the right way near the end, where he told Kagetora he would go up ahead, only to see Kagetora fail once he tried for himself another path. Plus, he was not surprised one bit by finding a cat and everything else was just oh so convenient for him. The guy never seems to care and yet did everything by himself and everything was laid out in front of our eyes. I think I liked it better when I didn’t expect this kind of development. Now that I grew expected to have this kind of turn around I was more alert for clues and the whole problem was so easily solved only 5 minutes into the episode itself. This is why I find extremely suspicious that Tensai didn’t brought up this whole ordeal, since it was right in our face and she seemed to gather all the same clues we did.

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The one mystery I have yet to solve is understanding why the puzzle room was 1. Still functional after the item was stolen and 2. How come the whole puzzle was so easy in the first place. It feels rather weird that the thing was so simple and with no sense of risk what so ever, after all Kagetora could have done it in about 15 minutes alone if he was given the chance, if only by trial and error. With just a small bit of dedication there was really nothing stopping you there. There might have been a logical pattern to it all, but it proved rather unnecessary considering how simple it was. It all felt way too odd, I have a feeling there was yet another important thing to notice which I missed. Feel free to enlighten me in the comments if you have an explication. Until then, we will probably have yet another reveal next week once the package come back to Juugo, which should, hopefully, give conclusive evidence of everything I pointed out.

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