Sabagebu! episode 1 [First Impression]: Amazing Narrator

Sabagebu! the narrator

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I didn’t know what to expect from Sabagebu!, just seeing it was a shoujo made me think that it was probably not made for me and wouldn’t comply to my male interests. I was so wrong. This show is rather amazing, it had been a while since I saw such a light comedy reach me so easily. I was really surprise to find myself actually liking this show.

Sabagebu! maniacs

What really made Sabagebu! for me was the narrator. I’ve seen many shows using a narrator similar to that one, but it is the first time I see one which actually makes me laugh and contribute to the comedy in a good way. Most narrators are just annoying, unfunny addition, but this time it was completely different. The way the narrator kept on breaking the fourth wall and was addressing the kind of whining the viewers would usually complain about was rather fun. Everything I could complain about in the episode was addressed, so I really have nothing to complain about now! Being able to make fun of itself is definitively the best quality of Sabagebu!.

Sabagebu! sweet revenge

The characters of the show are all fairly interesting on their own too. While I cannot say that they are completely original, they remain out of the general cliché path enough to make things a bit more interesting than usual. Their love for gun, the way they are all worshipped and the completely sinful nature of all character is extremely fun. I have had enough with every character being goody-two-shoes, seeing those girl act selfishly and really unlady-like is probably what made me fall for the show the most.

I will definitively watch this show this season. It was funny and light enough to make for a addition to my weekend lineup. I will not, however, blog Sabagebu!, simply because I feel the show isn’t something that should be taken too seriously or over-analysed. It is made to be fun at first glance and to be taken at face value. If I were to blog the show I would just ruin it for myself and therefore I’d be content watching it.

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