SaeKano episode 0 [First Impression]: Not what it looks like


saekano utaha towel

I swear, it’s NOT what it looks like.



Tomoya Aki is an otaku looking to make a Visual Novel with a bunch of other women, hoping to make it in time for Comiket. However, before all this even begins to happen, all the members go to a hot spring and give us huge amounts of fanservice for men and women with a taste for boobs to enjoy.


I thought the tags said that this was a RomCom…?

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…Yes, it’s a RomCom. Just one that likes to troll quite a bit. This episode was (according to fans) simply a parody of the harem/ecchi genre in general; apparently, the real story of Saekano is pretty good. So for people like me who are kind of sick of random booby shots and no plot, no need to fear, this will only last for one episode. For the others, well, there are about 15 shows this season that could please you, so go fap to those and leave us this show to enjoy. I hope.

All in all, the idea of this episode was a pretty smart business move, though. Boobs always get a good audience to feel interested in shows, especially if the tags suggest that this could be a RomCom, which could easily drag people away from even watching the show. After that, the show can easily acquire more fans by its actual storyline, and word will get around that this show is actually pretty clever and not just about pointless fanservice. I may not have liked this first episode due to its very fixed genre, but I’ll have to admit that it’s a pretty smart business move. saekano utaha horny

None the less, the show may remain pretty harem-oriented overall, considering the character types we came across. At least, the end of the episode focused on a single main heroine, suggesting that the romance will be mainly featured between Aki and Katou – however this is not guaranteed as this episode also focused quite a bit on Utaha (and every other character for that matter). What I’ll be certain to expect from this show, however, is romance, comedy, otaku shit and more otaku shit. So if you guys like anime about otaku shit, this show should be fun for you, because I’ve heard good things of this light novel and believe it could do well as an anime.

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