Sakura Trick episode 1 [First Impression]: Yuri School, nuff said

Sakura Trick first kiss under the sakura

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Welcome to your annual dose of Yuri high school romance, if you love cute girl loving and kissing each other, you’ve come to the right show because Sakura Trick is 100% a yuri high school romance with light comedy that is so typical for the genre. The show really seem to me like something made for girl who loves girl more than anything else, as a man I couldn’t get into any of it what so ever, too much cuteness, little to no ecchi and most of all I’m not really into yuri in the first place.

I don’t understand yuri show no matter what side I try to look at them, they were made for girls about girls and I just feel like I have no place in this what so ever. the cuteness alone was enough to have me scared of the show and the constant girl love didn’t help a thing to make me more comfortable watching it. I’d much rather watch a yaoi than a yuri, I might love woman but I can understand the concept of yaoi much better than the logic that is going on in a Yuri. In case it wasn’t clear from what I already said, I’m really not into those cute little shows and I have no interest in recommending this show, blogging this show or even less watching it. I’d much rather stick to my manly show with gun and sadness than happiness and joy everywhere.

ZeroGhj signing off

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