Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo [first impression] episode 1: welcome to Sakurasou!


Sakurasou is a dorm where all problem children are sent. Our main character, Kanda Sorata, was sent there because he wanted to take care of a cat which isn’t accepted in the regular dorms. His only goal is to get out, and meanwhile he is now forced to live with a bunch of problematic children and teachers who happen to like flashing boobs and being crazy.

One day, the teacher at Sakurasou asks Sorata to go and pick up her cousin because she will move in Sakurasou. After crushing on her slightly, he then realizes that she can’t actually take care of herself at all. In the end, he becomes forced to take care of her, as his pet.



*facepalm* All the romances this season couldn’t be great, couldn’t they… J.C. Staff just had to ruin the good streak and make their company look even worse in comparison.

I’d rather be like him on that pic than watch the rest.

This show is generic to a point where it’s ridiculous. The side characters already piss me off, and I can see everything happening a mile away. It’s a harem, it’s a light ecchi, it’s romance and comedy, and the jokes are boring as hell. There is absolutely no originality in this boring show.

Moreover, the art is bad. The girls are cute, and the show would pull off as fine, however there is so much comparison between all other shows that came out recently, causing it to look a lot worse. I just felt like I was watching a show that could’ve come out 5 years ago, and look like it had good animation quality.

The last thing that needs mentioning is J.C. Staff’s propension to making extremely bad characters these days. I already want to punch Misaki into a wall (when she’s supposed to be cute), the perverted teacher is an overused concept (when she should be funny) and Jin makes the teacher look original concept-wise (he should also be funny).The characters are generic, annoying, and only make this go more into the “not expecting much from this” category.

As soon as I saw J.C. Staff in the opening, I started expecting a little less from this. That company doesn’t have much budget anymore, and every show that comes out only attempts to save that crashing company, without actually giving us any good content. I tried to take my bias out of this, but in the end I didn’t even need any bias to bitch out this generic show that doesn’t even compare to other romances that came out this fall. I’m out.

Watching: Nope
Blogging: Nope



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