Sanzoku no Musume Ronja episode 1 – 2 [First Impression]: Studio Ghibli new production

Sanzoku no Musume Ronja suddenly big girl

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 I was pretty excited to see an anime coming straight out of Studio Ghibli. Nothing but great quality can be expected in term of the animation for that studio and it didn’t disappoint. The show was a bit more CGI-ish than I anticipated, but the animation and art remained stellar for its style. I am more than please with the presentation of this anime, it looks great. The universe for the story is interesting, very fantasy-like, with vile harpy and bandit robbing nobles in the forest. It just add to the beauty of that world that every scene has such great attention to detail and you could see the details of every rock on the castle and you could nearly count the leaves on the tree. Studio Ghibli really lived up to its expectation when it came to the quality of this anime, I was impressed even knowing their track record.

Sanzoku no Musume Ronja Harpy

Despite so much praise though, I’m afraid the story and and premise of Sanzoku no Musume Ronja is just way too boring and bland to have me excited to watch it. The episode was a real feast for my eyes, but my brain was absolutely uninterested and felt the whole thing was way too dull. Were it not for the incredible beauty and atmosphere of the episode, if anyone else but Studio Ghibli did this anime, I wouldn’t have even finished the first 20 minutes before dropping it. Sanzoku no Musume Ronjo is really slow paced, really cheerful, really shallow. It is an anime for a really young audience without a doubt. This is the kind of show which I would want my 5 year old to be watching, it is an adventure, a story of discovery, it is fun and full of energy. I could see myself watching this every day if I was watching it with my young kid. It is pretty enough to attract my interest and if it means making a young one happy I am all for it. But watching a show like this as a grown up adult is just a bit weird and it drags on a lot. It reminds me of the stuff I used to love when I was younger, much, much, younger.

This is awkward and creepy as hell

This is awkward and creepy as hell

As much as I respect Studio Ghibli, I feel the pacing of this anime could have been done better. It was just too slow for someone to enjoy and the story was too childish for an adult to be able to really appreciate it. Unless you have a young child at home which is fluent in japanese, I doubt Sanzoku no Musume Ronjo can be interesting for anyone. So unfortunate, I have said it times and times again, but the show was really pretty.

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