School Life in Japan: a template made from current conventions

Have you ever wondered to what point anime derived its most prominent  school life conventions from daily habits? With its Japanese origin, there is no question that there are some things in anime which may seem very intriguing to us Westerners, haven’t you ever wondered if some of these weird habits were actually a part of their culture? From this question, I derived right here a small list of what I thought were the most prominent conventions of school life anime; which of these derive from culture, and which of these are just stupid conventions, that’s up to you (and me) to guess.I9taY



P.S.: Japanese culture has many different habits which are different from ours, but in no way do I wish to degrade it; this is just for fun.


1. Any transfer student automatically has to be handsome

2. Any handsome man must be followed by a group of fangirls meant to announce him (common dialogue involves “Kyaa!” and “Kakkoi!”).

3. Handsome men have to be followed by nasty girls; therefore, if a girl is courted by a handsome man, she will soon be bullied

4. Pool time is a time for evaluating and groping boobs; swimming is irrelevant


5. Culture festivals and the like always have maximum participation from everyone in the class

6. All hot and young male teachers have a knack for high school girls

7. Similarly, there is always one student in the class (boy or girl) with a knack for older men or women

8. Any man or woman with glasses must be a smart, quiet bookworm


9. Any smart, quiet bookworm with glasses automatically becomes handsome and popular when they take off their glassesKyouheiTakano

10. Japanese students have incredible hearing whenever their name is mentioned, enabling them to overhear any form of gossip which concerns them.

11. Many, many schools become co-ed due to lack of money


12. If a girl comes back late from school, she will automatically be targeted by rapists

13. Handsome men necessarily have to be everywhere at once; therefore, when a girl is in trouble , she will always be saved  by said handsome man

14. Handsome men are so handsome in Japan that word travels around to other schools, making them so popular that it hinders their daily activities

15. Common colds and injuries are very dangerous in Japan; anyone hit by a cold will faint easily from fever, and a toe injury necessitates utmost care from the people around the victim.

16. It is very windy in Japan; especially on the first day of school (this allows for first meetings to feel more dramatic) or when a man talks to a girl alone (causing upskirts)


17. There is always one girl in every grade which has huge F cups

18. Foreign transfer students are common

19. Schools are always on top of hills with many sakura trees around the road leading up to them


20. Hanging out on the roof of the school building is a common thing

21. Group dates are also a very common thing

22. Chance meetings happen all the time; if the person is handsome, the chances of meeting that person again will increase tenfold

Episode 01

23. Delinquents and bad ass guys always have a thing for cute abandoned animals on the side of the road, and always have a soft heart.

24. School uniform fetishes are common in Japan

25. Perverts grabbing high school girls’ asses in the metro happen all the time.


And that’s it! Should any questions/comments arise, just comment down below, and I’ll be glad to reply as soon as I can 🙂

Anime used: Wallflower, Kuroko no Basket, Seitokai Yakuindomo, Sakura Trick, Clannad, Toradora, The World God Only Knows


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