Seiken Tsukai no World Break episode 1 [First Impression]: My ears are bleeding

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Haimura Moroha meets Ranjou Satsuki, a girl who used to be his sister in his past life, at an academy for Saviors where they hone they supernatural powers. Both of them acquaint themselves to the other, and we realize quickly that Ranjou Satsuki is a narcissistic, egocentric and loud woman. On the first day of school, she gets into a fight and loses, and the big brother (who is a noob to this Savior thing) has to fight for her in order to gain back her pride.


This is… Generic. But a good kind of generic. I like it.

We have here our main character, Haimura Moroha, [an undiscovered genius], who has just entered [insert special academy name here] where they train [insert cool fighter name] who fight against [insert magical monsters] with [insert some kind of fantastic powers here]. If you don’t understand the point I’m trying to make here, don’t bother reading the rest of this.

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None the less, despite the obvious turn out of the show, this episode was actually fairly entertaining. The music was great, the show was pretty, and it did bring about some interesting themes right from the get go. Although not overly complicated, the character dialogues were still more interesting than [insert clichéd conversation here] and depicted good depth and character development.

Ranjou Satsuki especially seemed an interesting character – in many different ways, that is. Taking out the part where she was really, really, really annoying, it seems that the show purposely made her flawed in the beginning in order for her to develop further across the course of the show, which means that the story intends to actually develop its characters – normally you’d think that this is to be taken for granted in anime, but unfortunately it is not always. For Seiken Tsukai no World Break, however, it seems that we do have some kind of storyline already decided up ahead which is more complicated than just defeating [bad guy’s name] while the harem only grows every break satsuki talent

Putting aside all these plot and character issues, however… Let’s be honest here, I really didn’t want to meet another Kirino sa darn quickly after Oreimo. I know Japan loves their incest, and Taketatsu Ayana is certainly a very talented voice actress, but annoying level of Satsuki Ranjou is completely up the roof, and my ears were bleeding by the end of this episode. I would love to watch the show, but I feel like her voice might actually be what turns me away from watching this.

Overall, this episode was pretty entertaining. Should you have time on your hands and no wish to think profusely, this show is probably a good watch for this season. Considering what else has come out recently, this is actually pretty decent, and I would probably watch this if I didn’t know already that I’ll drop it in a few episodes.

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