Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi episode 12: Saved by the ringtone [Final]


Ritsu is wondering if he is to leave his job for the literature department, but he has no time to think about it since he needs to avoid Takano the best he can.



Ritsu is slowly succumbing to Takano’s charm. Maybe he still won’t admit the truth, but at the very least now he was unable to stop his heart from doing what it always wanted to do. When Takano kissed him, he couldn’t resist his desire and had a passionate kissing session with him. Yes they were interrupted by Ritsu’s cellphone, but was it not for that they would have slept together, no question about that.


This episode at the very least Ritsu made up his mind if he would stay at his job as a manga editor or if he would transfer to the literature department. He is working hard and well at his job, so it is just normal that he gets such praises from everyone and that he is so good at what he does. Now that his mind is clear on that matter it makes everyone much more at ease, he knows where he is going and Takano knows he won’t run out of time to convince him to start loving him. Now Takano can sleep without a worry in mind, not only will Ritsu stay near him because of their job, but he was even able to score a perfect kiss, a kiss where Ritsu did not run away from.

There is much long left before the end of this show, next episode will be the final. Everyone knows how this is going to end, I just want to see the love with my own eyes. See that pushy Takano face when he hears Ritsu finally say the three magical words “I love you”. Such simple words, only 8 letters total, but they hold such meaning to people in love.


But at the same time I really want this show to end soon, because it is getting kind of long to watch, things are getting quite repetitive, the way the episode are presented never really change, while it was kind of okay for a while because love is beautiful no matter its form, it has been a long run that we are always presented the same things.

Oops I did it again

The one thing that keeps bothering me is that Ritsu thinks such interesting questions, but he never ask them ! I want the answer to these questions, Takano and Ritsu have so much to talk about, if only Ritsu had the guts to say something, instead of hiding everything to himself. That would have made an awesome episode, but instead he forgets all his questions with a kiss. It might be “romantic” but it is really lame, curiosity always want to be satisfied, I don’t like it when I can’t have answers to my question, it drives me mad.

That's what she said


The end is near and it is a good thing that it is, it seems the potential of this show as been nearly completely exhausted, there is not much left to tell, only a conclusion to achieve. Let’s hope the conclusion is has beautiful as I picture it to be, otherwise I will be really disappointed *sad face* .


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