Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi episode 7: Rape & Rape the fun continues


Ritsu tries hard to not realize he loves Takano, but meanwhile Yokozawa is playing dirty tricks to get Ritsu out of Takano’s sight.


Ritsu is back ! F to the uck to the Yeah ! I suddenly feel completely back into the game with this show. I just learned to love the characters of Ritsu and Takano so much, to see them back in the spotlight put a big smile on my face. I literally smiled the whole time.

Ritsu is just so cute in the way he acts. looking at him makes me go kyaaa~~~~. Ok, maybe not that much. But nonetheless he knows how to be innocent enough to keep me smiling at how childish and awesome he is.

But Ritsu IS progressing, now he knows that he don’t want to know that he is in love with Takano. I mean this is the beginning right?

The new problem lies in the fact that Yokozawa seems to have a crush on Takano too, and he is a bastard that will most likely use any trick in the book to get Ritsu out-of-the-way. Now if Yokozawa wants to, he would easily be able to get Ritsu to hate himself and try to never love anyone again, Ritsu is already fragile enough as it is, he wouldn’t need much to push him down the hill to its doom. But now that Takano knows of that, maybe he will be able to protect Ritsu from Yokozawa, if Ritsu wants from Takano’s help that is.

See, I'm not gay, I'm raping a drunk girl in public !

The one huge difference there was between previous episode featuring Takano and Ritsu and this one, is that for the first time we got to see Takano’s side of the matter on their love affair. Takano seems to be plagued by a love background just as difficult as Ritsu. Bringing Takano’s past to the problem of those two young lover relationship might make this even more interesting in the future. After all in a relationship there is always two-party involves, this means that even if one side of the problem is solved, there will always be the other side to account for too. I really hope we are able to learn even more about Takano’s troubled past. What I learned from life is that the more awesome someone looks, the hardest is life was overall. You gain confidence from the challenge you overcome, this means that for a character like Takano to become so self-confident he must have gone through some really tough relationship, we shall wait and see.

Finally, to celebrate that we are back to Ritsu and Takano we were able to witness not 1, but 2 yaoi rape. Soon Takano will just shove his penis straight down Ritsu’s throat at some random moment when they work together. I look forward to that.

If you are wondering, yes they are touching each others crotch

Things I liked about this episode:

– Ritsu is so cute and so innocent

– Takano’s past is starting to unveil


This episode was awesome, but next week we are  back to our new friends. I will hope that Ritsu and Takano makes some kind of appearance in next week episode, otherwise I fear I might get bored.

ZeroG signing off

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