Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi episode 8: And not a single fuck was given that day


In this episode we discover a new character  who has love problem of his own.


I really dislike the way this show is presented. I understand how mixing multiple story with different characters at once can make things interesting and reach more people. But this didn’t have a positive effect on me. I really enjoy Ritsu and Takano’s story, I feel that the romance is beautiful, the character are cute and interesting to follow. But everything falls apart each time we discover a new character. I absolutely hate learning about new characters that bring nothing to the main story. Those characters do surround the main attraction of the show, but it brings nothing more than new character with new problems and nothing really interesting.

That looks like me watching this episode

I want a simple romance, one guy with problem meets another guy with problem. In real life that can easily make 12 episodes, why can’t they do it in an anime when stuff can get even more out of hands? The story was good when it was still simple. Everything we diverge a little from Ritsu I just rage and hate on the show.

Now what good point do I have to make about this episode. I guess that is a tough question. The one interesting thing is that Kisa is actually really close of Ritsu and Takano, and therefore he might learn or tell us something we didn’t know about that couple, but I doubt it. It would mean he would have a purpose, this can’t happen.

Here is the kiss that confirm the "yaoi" tag

I’m starting to be happy that the show is more than half-way done, because it is only half-good. And by half-good I don’t mean that every episode is an in between terrible and beautiful. I mean half of the episode are not what I want to see at all and are an utter disappointment.

Let’s hope we get to see something more interesting than my rant for next week, at least I hope so for everyone’s sakes.

Things I liked about this episode:

– Not much


Next week we won’t see Takano and Ritsu again, but maybe, just maybe, things will get interesting and won’t stay in this constant state of same old thing all over again. Let’s hope…

ZeroG signing off

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