Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi episode 9: Here we go again


Kisa is wondering if he really loves Yukina and if Yukina actually loves him back. He is trying hard to convince himself that everything that happen was all just a misunderstanding.


This episode was cute, but I feel like I’m watching the same thing over and over again. I know that the characters and circumstances change, but in the end it all starts the same, the same reasoning comes in and it ends the same way. They don’t have much experience with boy love, they think the other one can’t possibly like them since they are guys and in the end they refuse to accept the other one loves and it is the other person who push themselves into their heart.

I would hate to have an ex like that

Having all those side stories better pay off at the end of the show, because at the moment I feel they are a complete waste of time and a simply repetitive process. I know that the show is a yaoi romance, there is no need to have the same kind of yaoi romance occur three times to make your point. Like I always say, I love the Takano x Ritsu story, but all those side stories are just a diversion to gain time it seems. We never get to learn anything new about these two.

what is this? I don't even

There are now only 3 episodes left to the show, this means in 3 episode they have to conclude the story between Takano and Ritsu and make some use of the 2 other love story that were shown in the show. That is not much time for so many things to do. I have this feeling that things will either get rushed or will feel incomplete. It is really unfortunate because I felt the show had good potential at the beginning of the season, but now it just falls further and further away from being good.

He is so cute

Things I liked about this episode:

– The story was cute


I can already smell the disappointment coming, but I will keep my finger cross that it comes from another show. There are still some many interesting path this show could take, I just wish one of those interesting path will be explored. Maybe if we are lucky we’ll even be glad we watched the show to the end without dropping it. Even if I believe there is a higher chance we’ll just be sorry for not dropping it earlier.

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