Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi S2 episode 1 [First Impression]




I know I said I would not cover Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi second’s season. The first season was boring and repetitive and I just don’t care about this second season. But the thing is, there is not a lot of good show for me this season, the only one I enjoyed watching right now is Fate/Zero, everything else is just meh.

So since I can’t find any good show to cover, I decided to cover the bad shows instead, I’ll see just how much I can stand before I commit suicide.


well, that's awkward

So here we go, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi second season. The first episode was not bad, it was actually mostly what I expected from it, it had the same formula has every episodes of the last season. Half of the show was Ritsu dealing with something new in his new job and the other half was yaoi rape.


I really think the show should be changed category from romance to rape, because usually in a romance you don’t have someone abusing of the other every single episode. Ritsu is really cute, his head just keep trying to tell his body that he is not in love, but Ritsu has already lost his heart to Takano. Even if Ritsu tries to find reason to stop loving Takano, even if creates stories in his head to stop his emotions, even when he realizes that he is always uncomfortable around him, in the end it doesn’t matter, he is profoundly in love. At the point where he is now there is no way he can find a way to escape unhurt. His entire body wants Takano and the only thing keeping Takeno away from him is his irrational fear for the emotions he feels.


Eeewww girls, that's disgusting

Ritsu has so little experience in love, he is extremely insecure because the only time he ever really felt it love, it ended badly and therefore he created some denial mechanism to avoid getting hurt anymore. He tried dating before meeting Takano, but every time was a failure because he was never really in love. Love comes from the heart, not from the head. Therefore if you think you are in love, you are doing it wrong, when you will be in love, you will feel it with every part of your body.


Ritsu is constantly confused, because what his body says and what his head wants to believe are contradictory. But in the episode he got drunk and now that his head was not working anymore, we could hear what his body really felt. Unfortunately he doesn’t remember anything that happened that night, but we, the viewers, do remember. Now we have a good example of why Takano is always pissed at Ritsu, in the end, while Takano is a bit pushy, Ritsu is really to blame for this complicated relationship. It is not Takano who tries to force him something he doesn’t want to do, it is Ritsu who doesn’t do what he wants to do. If anything Takano is trying to save Ritsu from the prison he made for himself.


Well, now I'm sure i'm watching Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi

The show is a little cheesy, but as long as we don’t get into something to repetitive, I think I can handle it. I just really hope it is the last season, it was bad enough in spring, I don’t want a the story to continue after this season, I want to see it end before someone loses his mind.


ZeroG signing off

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