Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi S2 episode 11: Success

This is not yet the end, but it sure feels like there is not much else to be told at this point

The story is finally coming to an end and it is just amazing. Yes Ritsu still has is heart closed, but he might manage to get in the relationship he wanted without the need to ever open his heart after all. Some people are just really lucky like that. But I think what surprised me the most was when Yokozawa finally accepted Ritsu. It must have been the best feeling in the world for him. When the only competition finally admit their defeat and name you the victor, especially in love, it must free a lot of weights from your shoulder.

Now at least he knows that he doesn’t have to rush things too much, he can go to his own pace and no one will try to steal Takano from him. Anyway, he knows that he can’t go too slow anyway, because Takano will push him as usual. The guy is so pushy it is unbelievable. At least it is a good thing that he is, since Ritsu is completely the opposite and nothing would have ever happened if it weren’t for Takano’s pushiness.

Takano has a really bad cold, it is rare to see him be that down from anything, he is usually also so confident and strong, it is really weird to see him so feeble like that. Now would be the perfect time for Ritsu to be a man and to be there for him and comfort him, and that is exactly what he kind of did. Kind of in the sense that even if he had good intention, he never had to guts to go through with it and he needed Takano to push him once again for something to happen, but at the very least he didn’t fight it off. Now the two of them are finally unofficially a couple, it is too late to turn around now. They were always meant for each other, Ritsu was just too stubborn to accept it, now I’m really wondering what is left to be told in the story, the chase is pretty much over, the only thing left to be seen might be for Takano and Ritsu to officially go out together, but that is not really needed.

It was a grandiose episode and it ends really well the show, even if it is not yet the end. We’ll see next episode what is left to be told with this show.


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