Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi S2 episode 2: Happy Birthday

Christmas is coming and Takano birthday is arriving at the same time. Time for Ritsu to man up and tell Takano his feelings.

This episode was so much cuter than I expected. I’m used to have little to none progression in the love story of Takano and Ritsu, so when they actually made some progress this episode I was really confused. Usually Takano just rape Ritsu a little more each episode, but now they even had one kiss where Ritsu received it without fighting back.

Takano has one of the worst day to have your birthday, you have no chance of finding anyone to party with you when your birthday is the 24th of December. He is lucky that the guy he loves has no life what so ever except for work. After all I would gladly have a romantic date like he had with the person he loves instead of a gift. Cake may be delicious, but a sweet kiss is just as tasty. I can’t believe that the kiss in the car was actually mutual, I think it was the most beautiful thing I saw in this show up until now. I had a hard time watching and enjoying the show because it was just constant rape, but if we start to see some real love, things might get more interesting.

Takano is so pushy, I understand that it is frustrating when you love someone and you know the other person love you back, but that person still refuses to acknowledge the emotions he feels. But that is not a good reason to forcefully kiss the person twelves time each episode and to sexually harass him at work. I admire his dedication, but he might be going a little overboard with it. I’m surprised Takano didn’t chain up Ritsu and raped him in his room yet.


The love story is so fun to watch between Takano and Ritsu, but for some reason it seems we will follow a different couple next episode. I don’t hate the other couple, they are kind of interesting too, but they are side characters, when there is a romance story I don’t care about the side characters, I just want to see where the main characters are going. The reason I disliked the first season so much was because we were always jumping to side stories and I guess I will hate this season just as much because they seem determined to continue doing the same.


I won’t lie, I liked this episode, it was really heart-warming and a change from the never-ending repetition of the previous season. Hopefully it will stay like that and won’t return to the boringness it used to be. I don’t want to have a season 1 all over again.


ZeroG signing off

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