Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi S2 episode 4: Not gonna rape me this time Bitch

Another episode of the most fabulous manga editor team there has arrived.

This episode was once again all about Chiaki, that guy is so useless it is unbelievable sometimes. He is unable to find anything in his once house, I’m surprise he doesn’t starve to death when Tori is not around. He is a real artist, he is disorganized, he is more lazy than anything else and he has trouble to control his emotions. He only had to see Tori with one of his ex to create a scenario in his head where Tori was cheating on him. Chiaki sure has a lot of imagination and creativity. For a guy that is loved by two men he is really insecure in his relationship. But at the same time it is this insecurity that makes him so cute.


Draw me like one of your french girl

Tori is really a strong man, he is worthy of being an editor. Even when he knows that Chiaki is still unsure of his emotion and that he knows Yuu will do anything to steal Chiaki away, he still keep his cool and try to be supportive and always present for Chiaki. No matter how insecure about his position Tori might be, he is always present for Chiaki and he never breakdown.


Unhappy Tori is unhappy

On the other hand I hate Yuu so much, he is such a whinny selfish bastard. He loves Chiaki but he doesn’t really love him at all, he doesn’t seem to care for Chiaki’s feeling, all he cares about is having Chiaki all for himself. If Yuu was truly in love with Chiaki he would accept that Chiaki is happier with Tori and he would let him be happy. How can someone be so selfish that even when in love he does not care for the one he loves and only cares for himself? How could someone be such an ass that he would rape the one he loves? That part was simply insane. I’m used to see everyone rape everyone in this show, but this time was the first time that it was true rape because Chiaki really didn’t love Yuu. I was really glad when Chiaki threw that solid punch at Yuu, I was hoping he would be doing it. Yuu had gone too far, it was the only way to make him understand.


That must hurt

In the end the episode was really cruel and cute. Chiaki felt to the wrong conclusion too fast and it led to such trouble, but at the same time Chiaki is so confused with his emotions that it is normal that he acts so recklessly and without much thought. But it must have felt so good for Tori when he realized that the reason Chiaki did such a reckless act was because he was jealous. Jealousy is one of the greatest proof of love, but it is unfortunate that it is such a bad thing at the same time.


ZeroG signing off

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