Sengoku BASARA Judge End episode 1 [First Impression]: Confusing First Episode

Sengoku BASARA Judge End punching dudes

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I understand that every first episode need their time to set up their character, introduce the universe and introduce every major character…but this was just too much and so god damn lame. The show was so scattered, we had about 10 different stage of war with multiple characters and everything with little to no introduction. It was just a big mess, with no connection to any of the character it is difficult to find meaning in the battles, seeing no purpose in the fights made everything happening completely empty.

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What more, it felt so ridiculous to have a main character in feudal japan speak english constantly. What about the betrayer who simply flies away on a mega warrior. I just couldn’t understand anything meaningful in the end. This whole episode was filled with action, dramatic moments, betrayal and ridiculous events. So many things…yet nothing felt meaningful one bit.

At least, this opening song was so awesome, but the opening itself was so atrocious. How did they get such a great song only to fuck it up completely with animation which doesn’t match and which is so generic and boring that I wouldn’t have ever noticed it were it not for the song.

Sengoku BASARA Judge End bad guy

I don’t know if it is because I have no interest in this time period, I don’t know if it simply because it was presented poorly, but I felt like this anime had a solid story in front of it, solid emotions and feelings and that they simply screwed up everything in the way it was made. It just makes me sick to see some many thing that should be awesome and to have such a great opening and ending song only to have the whole episode feel like a montage of random meaningless fights.

I won’t be watching or blogging Sengoku BASARA Judge End, I don’t think there is really any reason to watch the show, the story of the game it was based on might very well have been good, but without any knowledge of the game, this anime was pure confusion.

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