Senran Kagura episode 1 First Impression: This sucks

suck on it

Here comes your regular crappy ecchi of the season, say hello to the shinobi school of panties.I’ve learned over the year never to expect to much out of ecchi, but it just seems like those are not even trying to be ecchi, if the whole point of your anime is to be ecchi, they should be more revealing and show some skin. I mean no one would honestly watch this show for the plot or the character, let us be realistic here. If you have come to see this review it is most likely because you’ve watched the show and if you did watch the show…you were expecting boob you dirty pervert.


The shows characters have a good variety to make the ecchi interesting, the only real problem I have with the show is my lack of faith that any real skin will be exposed, the best we’ll get are panties and bra. I would love to cover a ecchi this time around, but I need something at least somehow entertaining here. Yes those are ninja’s and they practice stealth and fight other super ninja with super power, but you can expect anyone to take the story for something decent.

milked all over

Anyone can already tell there won’t be a good story here. Maybe there will be an ok story, just good enough so we don’t get bored in-between boob shots, but those boob shots better be incredible. Unfortunately it is not the case, I want my R rated ecchi now ! I won’t be covering that show, as much as I would like to, there just isn’t anything to offer. If you’ve watched the first episode you pretty much understood what the whole show will be about, I would not even recommend bothering trying to get anything more out of it.

Here are a lot of screencaps to compensate for how much there is nothing to talk about for Senran Kagura.

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