Seraph of the End episode 1 [First Impression]: Vampire Oppression

***As weird as this may sound, this impression contains spoilers for the first episode. I say this because it actually matters in these 20 first minutes of the show.***

seraph yuuichirou gun


NOOOOOO MIKA WHYYYYY?! This is only the first episode, and I’m already sad to see such an awesome character die from the get go. So reliable, kind and really smart, he just had to get caught this easily and die in the first episode. God dammit, and here I was hoping to see some cool bro rivalries where Mika joins the dark side and fights his brother. (not that I’m completely excluding his possible transformation as a vampire…)

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Unfortunately, although this episode was really, truly awesome, it didn’t tell us that much about the Owari no Seraph as a whole due to its content; this was, after all, only an intro episode to the whole thing. What we do know for now, however, is that this show will have vampires, prophecies, saviours, and one cool kid who will conquer all. The problem with these types of shows is that, pretty often, they tend to flop somewhere down the middle as the viewers slowly realize that this is yet another generic piece of shit that won’t really get anywhere. So far, the first episode was very promising, but I wouldn’t get my hopes just too quickly about it. I’d give this show a 3-episode run before making an actual decision on it.

seraph noble evilTechnical-wise, what really struck in my mind was the soundtrack. In one episode, we got quite a wide array of sounds and definitely some epic and entertaining music. Moreover, the animation was pretty darn sweet, and I expect that the actions scenes from the following episodes will be even better than what we’ve seen so far.

I would love to say something about the characters, but… They’re all dead… Except for that one guy. Hyakuya Yuuichirou. The one guy I really didn’t like among all the characters so far. I assume that he’s since then grown into a fine young man who’s stopped saying completely stupid things without any hopes of ever accomplishing them, and hopefully he’s become an awesome, badass character which we will all love and admire. Right? seraph yuuichirou character design

Or not. I mean, no matter how you look at it, this character design is terrible. I just… can’t respect someone who wears such a retarded hat and takes himself so seriously. At least, for now anyways… Let’s just hope he’s awesome enough to cover for his visual horrification.

My final verdict is this: WATCH IT. For now. After three episodes, I might reconsider, but for now Seraph of the End seems pretty awesome.

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