Seraph of the End episode 2: An Epic Guide on How to Make Friends

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4 years after the terrible tragedy that befalls Mika and the other orphans, Yuuichirou is now out of the vampire prison and has lived his life somewhat peacefully, killing a few monsters here and there for training in case he runs into a vampire. Thankfully, this exact moment happens and a vampire shows up at school, forcing him to take action against it. Although he doesn’t defeat it, he is able to make a new friend during all this action, Saotome Yoichi, and this friendship is the last condition that needs to be met in order for him to be accepted in the Moon Demon Squad, which is the specialized Vampire Killing squad.


Welp, turns out episode 1 told me a lot more about this show in general than I thought it did at first. Owari no Seraph is action-packed, emotional, tragic and humorous all at once. It has beautiful character designs (I’ll forget about the damn hats for now), cool character personalities, a good premise and keeps placing cheesy scenes everywhere in this show where blood and tragedy reign. I don’t know how the director manages everything into an episode that’s as awesome as this one was, but somehow, it all worked out in the end.

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I still think that the main character is immature, naive and way too reckless for his own good, but at the very least he has a cute side to him; moreover, now that Yoichi can provide a gentle counterpart to him (just like Mika used to do before he died a terrible, terrible death) the contrast of having both of them together on screen is just so charming that I can tolerate the main character a little better, even if he’s a stupid, reckless show-off.

Oh come on, you're making the jokes too easy already...

Oh come on, you’re making the jokes too easy already…

I don’t honestly know where Seraph of the End is going in terms of storyline except that there will definitely be lots of action involved. This show is obviously not a Seinen, so albeit the whole vampires-controlling-society premise I doubt we will get something that becomes too political; from what I’ve seen, it seems that this story is mostly about revenge. Yoichi wants revenge, Yuuichirou wants revenge, heck, for some reason all this revenge on’t even lead anywhere because the opening and ending sequences (and Promotional Posters) all show a grown-up version of Mikaelus, which means that he’s probably alive… I hope. I want my brother rivalry *pout*.

owari no seraph yuuichirou cuteThe only thing I’m unsure about is that right now the anime seems to be wandering above the thin line between “too cheesy” and “awesome action,” and I’m afraid that it might go too much into the “too cheesy” route and forget all the tragic aspect of the show. I mean, it’s true that Yuuichirou needs to start a new life again and to find himself some new relationships, but the focus on his trauma in these first two episodes was too intense for me to just forget about it completely and pretend that it never happened. I don’t want the show to turn into the trainwreck that was Kotoura-san, and it would suck terribly for the plot to completely screw over Yuuichirou’s character development in order for the humour to take over. Not that it will definitely happen, but the show sometimes gets close to that line… and I don’t like it. It scares me.

Anyhow, for now this show is great. One more episode and I should be able to confirm it even more, but so far Owari no Seraph is really cool and tragic, with a touch of simplicity that for some reason doesn’t piss me off. I’ll be looking forward to next week~

Soo... Is he alive or not?

Soo… Is he alive or not?

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