Seraph of the End episode 3: Fighting Inner Demons

owari no seraph reckless bastard


Upon his acceptance into the Moon Demon Squad, Yuuichirou is shown an example of a cursed weapon, which can only be acquired through making a contract with a demon, at risk of having his heart consumed by it. However, the kid defies all expectations as he goes head first into a fight with a demon and comes out of it without a single scratch. Meanwhile in vampire land, Mikaelus has survived… As a vampire?


Oh no, Mika is alive? My, what a surprise. No, really. I absolutely didn’t expect to see him. I just thought the opening sequence was for shits and giggles… Said no one ever.

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Obviously this last part of the episode wasn’t meant to be such a big plot twist considering it was already spoilt beforehand. Now, the question remains however, how the hell will Yuuichirou react to the fact that Mika is alive, and more than that, the fact that Mika is now fighting for the vampires as one of them? Yuuichirou’s sole reason for living is to get revenge against the vampires for Mika’s death… But the vampires in fact revived Mika, so then what the hell has Yuuichirou been living for? Whatever happens then will be a terrible, terrible time for our main character… And I’m looking forward to it! (Cause, you know, drama and stuff…)

Also, he looks really cool.

Also, he looks really cool.

In the meantime, however, we can rejoice over the interesting life of Yuuichirou as he is now: one reckless bastard. However, one really awesome reckless bastard. He reminds me of One Piece’s Luffy, except in more badass and less ignorant… This quality of his was what bothered me in the beginning, but now that I see they exaggerated it to the max, I find him a lot more fun to watch than before. Fighting vampires when I’m 12? Piece of cake. Demons that could consume my soul? No problem, I’ll be back in 5 minutes. This guy has no idea what his powers are, but they’re sure to reach their complete potential with the rate that he’s going. The guy has no fear for anything… Which will most likely bite him back in the neck (literally…), but for now, it’s entertaining.

owari no seraph key animationThe last thing that bothers me is a continuation of what I thought of last episode about the Moon Demon Squad… These guys are real suspicious, if they ask me. A team looking to conquer the world by making contracts with demons? Seriously? How the hell can they be good guys? In my book of generic shounen-type anime, this group is not meant to be full of good people. Moreover, Mika is kind of a more intelligent type of person than Yuuichirou is, and he’s fighting with the vampires now. Whatever the Moon Demon Squad wants, I don’t think they’re necessarily all good people… I mean, they’ve technically probably killed more vampires by now than the vampires have killed humans since the last plague. This is not a sign that they’re good people fighting evil. I don’t know if this distinction will be brought to light later on, but right now I don’t necessarily think our main character is in the proper camp right now…

Plus, this girl's kinda weird. Funny, but weird.

Plus, this girl’s kinda weird. Funny, but weird.

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