Seraph of the End episode 4: Another Problem Kid

owari no seraph shihou


In light of Mikaelus’ appearance last episode as a vampire, we finally learn what happened to him that night when Yuichirou escaped the vampires’ grasps. Almost dead, he gets resurrected by the Queen of vampires who takes him under her wing and trains him to become powerful among the clan. Meanwhile, Yuichirou finally enters the Moon Demon Squad training camp and meets Shihou, a problem kid who likes fighting just as much as him. Their opinions clash at first, but by the end they are forced to agree that their personalities match well and they become friends. During this time, the vampires have decided to bring about war to the humans…


Time for more cheesy friendship! Come on, I mean, we didn’t have enough as it was… At least I believe that now we finally met all the important characters of this story, and we’ll be able to move the plot along.

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On the Vampire side, we were introduced to the Queen and Mikaelus, and we were able to finally get a picture of what really happened when Yuichirou ran away 4 years ago. Turns out he was enslaved, trained, and possibly even brainwashed… (“I’ll come for you, Yuichirou” tells us at least that he has changed his mind about which side is the worse in this war…). As for the Queen, she’s… well. Exactly that. An Ojou-chan. In other words, a bitch. But she seems powerful at least (even though her character design isn’t so great).

owari no seraph queen

I mean, she even has the twintails and the lolita body type. Of course she’s a bitch.

After this explanation however comes many more mysteries, like the word “Seraph” that people apparently love to throw around in this show without ever explaining what the hell it is. Yuichirou and Mikaelus have the a “curse of the Seraphs”, humans are experimenting on the “Seraph of the end” (hey, that would make a really cool title.. oh wait), but it seems that whatever is completely obvious to everyone else is completely NOT obvious to the audience, and keeping a “suspense” that I’m not sure I’m totally satisfied with…

owari no seraph friendshipThe human side was a little bit more interesting because we were able to meet yet another interesting character, Shihou Kimizuki, who is basically a less tsundere and more intense version of Yuuichirou. This guy wants to be cool and tough, he wants to save his sister, but on his way there he just forgets that he still has to take care of her in the meantime. Smart. No wonder he reminds me of the main character. In any case, I think he’s a pretty damn good match for Yuichirou, in a different way than Yoichi. Where one is just stupidly innocent and needs to be protected (guess who!), the other is really more likely to understand Yuichirou on a mental level and these guys should form a really good team on the field. Despite all the bullshit they say about teamwork, these guys will be wonderful at it so long as they work together.

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