Seraph of the End episode 5: Skip this Episode

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After an in-class surprise test where most of the class ends up toppling over, Yuichirou, Shihou and Yoichi are all given the special privilege of getting a cursed weapon of the highest rank. Guren escorts them to the room where they face their new weapons, and then… The End. Nothing happens. See you next week. Blah.


Well, that’s annoying. Since when do awesome shows like this get boring ass cliffhangers like this one? I feel like I just watched 20 minutes of preparation towards the next episode. Great.

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We did have a few interesting plot developments in this episode, but most remain to be fully developed since the next episode should conclude the current arc that we are on so far. For example, we now know that Yoichi, Shihou and Yuichirou all have some sort of special stability towards Demons, which allows them access to the most powerful weapons. The fact that Yoichi is the most stable of all was really cool, but, once again, we have yet to see the results of this ‘badass’ nature of his… Because this episode progressed at a snail’s pace.

owari so seraph big bossIn terms of story development, this episode gave us barely anything to munch on for another week while we wait for the next episode. Character depiction was cleared up a little bit and we got a better idea of the social structure in place in this human organization, but otherwise, I feel like I could have skipped this episode entirely, just moved on to next week’s episode and everything would have been fine. Nothing important really happened this week for the episode to really need to be watched…

The only thing I thought was interesting lasted barely 3 minutes, and that was when we were given a second look into the vampire world as it is 4 years later. Basically, it seems as though nothing has really changed… The only difference is that Mikaelus is now on the vampire side instead of the human side, and this reality is probably crushing to him, as we saw when he got rejected by the human.

owari no seraph mika childrenAnother aspect I found interesting were the homeless children right next to the bridge, which Mika completely ignored… I don’t think he realizes himself just how much he has changed. Whereas before he would have certainly greeted them with a smile while kindle offering help, this time, he just flat out ignored them and acted as though they were not there. Only when the children are related to his past does he realize that they exist? Unless I got his character wrong, that’s not the MIka I know…

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