Seraph of the End episode 6: Picking on the Weak

owari no seraph yoichi demon form


Yuuichirou, Yoichi and Shihou have all grabbed their weapons and go through a psychological crisis more or less intensified by whether they can stand their weaknesses or not. While Shihou and Yuichirou go through the trial like a breeze flows through the wind, Yoichi takes his sweet time and eventually gets possessed by the Demon. Yuichirou however manages to bring him back to his senses, and once they’ve all mastered their weapons, Guren agrees to let them into the Moon Demon Squad and promises to bring them to the frontlines right away.


This week, we got quite the comeback from last week<s terrible episode and transitioned into yet another awesome one. Although I can’t say there was anything completely unpredictable to the episode (the shounen element stays very strong and very generic), the psychological struggles were interesting, and Yoichi’s character developed a little better than before.

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What makes the show so far different from a regular shounen is the characters, and how they act in their everyday battles. While it is obvious that Yoichi fits the “indecisive, struggling to keep faith” character stereotype, putting him as a side character and instead focusing on the main character’s completely reckless nature makes things very interesting. It’s very surprising to see a main character go through difficult events without batting an eye and with so much confidence. I must say, I hated that about him first, but now seeing him so overconfident about everything kinda makes me happy.

owari no seraph yoichi weakWhat bothered me most about this episode was mostly the big focus on Yoichi, mostly because of my statement earlier: he’s the stereotypical indecisive shounen main character who will always come back to gain faith. I really liked him when he showed up because he seemed like an undercover badass, especially when we learned last episode that he had a gift to tolerate demons, but now even his gift turned out to be useless and he just became as weak as he looked. He will probably still be some good comic relief, but I’m pretty disappointed in the way he turned out.

owari no seraph yuichirou demonMeanwhile, the main plot keeps moving at a turtle’s pace… We got so little information in this episode (as we get in every episode) that at this point I’d rather have no information now and get the bulk of it later. I mean, I know it serves well for suspense and everything, but how the hell does knowing that Yuichirou is now 10% nonhuman going to keep the suspense for so long? It emphasizes the idea that humans have been doing bad experiments on humans, but heck, that suspicion has been brought up already earlier in the episodes. Keep it up, and you might as well spoil the ending that Yuichi is going to join forces with Mika and kill off both vampires and humans and then indulge in some boy love till the rest of their days. I mean, it’s so obvious (I think I got sidetracked somewhere…)

Next week we are meeting the Moon Demon Team members! Wouhou, more character introductions and nothing happening. Totally looking forward to it./sarcasm Just focus on the characters you have and forget about the others already…

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