Servant x Service episode 1 [First Impression]: To be hated is our no.1 Job

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I’m not really into slice of life and this show is so deep down the slice of life path that there is no turning back for it…there is no way nothing special will ever happen in the show. Despite what the title of the show is, Servant x Service is not about sexy maid giving blow jobs to their master. Instead the show is about a group of new employee that starts working as civil servant and learn to do their jobs. The characters have interesting personalities, but the show is just as fun as the job can get. Basically we see people getting yelled at and asked to produce birth and marriage certificate. There is no real story to be told and for those reason it is an absolute slice of life.

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What is the premise of the story? The main character, Lucy [Abbreviated] Yamagami is in a vendetta to take revenge on every civil servant for letting her parent choose such an unlikely name for her. Now obviously this could lead to “some” kind of story and progression, but in all likely hood…I doubt anything will really happen in the show. Servant x Service comes from the same author as Working! and the show feels quite similar in term of content too. The characters are definitively fun to watch and it makes the show really entertaining, but none of them is really anything more than it should be.

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I won’t “recommend” this show to anyone, since really I don’t see how it could be a fun thing to watch with excitement and a sense of fulfillment, but I won’t discourage anyone from watching it either. If you want a care free experience, a good 30 minutes where you can forget about anything and everything and just enjoy a very relax work environment with sweet coworkers. Don’t expect any weird or interesting turn of events from the show, it is pretty much just what it looks like, people going to job and doing job things.

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I won’t be blogging Servant x Service because honestly there is just little to talk about this show, but I might very well watch it…at least for a week or two, until I skip a week and forget the show ever existed. I highly doubt this show will be good enough to leave a mark in my head (or my heart) but at least it did entertain me when I watched it earlier.

If you want to watch it feel free to do so, but don’t go out of your way to look at what this show is all about…it is people working as civil servant and nothing else, don’t create false hope for nothing.

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