Shingeki no Bahamut – Genesis episode 11: The Awakening

Shingeki no Bahamut - Genesis corrupted favaro

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Now what a surprise (not really) Bahamut has awakened ! Who would have seen that coming! (everyone) Now it is up to Favaro to save the day, but he is dead (he most likely isn’t). I wonder what the final episode will be like next week (most likely exactly has predicted).

I’m exaggerating of course, there was at least one event I had not predicted in all this and which honestly surprised me. From what it appears, Martinet might not be as he seems, there have been some pretty obvious reference to him not being a demon and Lavalley just suddenly showed up on that ship from nowhere. I would say it is of high possibility that the two characters are one and the same. Last we saw him, Martinet was on the ship, eating a little concoction of him and next we know Lavalley just suddenly appear on the same ship and seems absolutely unphased by the current events. Lavalley all along was fighting alongside Jeanne in order to know best how to corrupt her, he was also in charge of “protecting” Amira’s mother while in fact he most likely sold her out. He might be the mastermind behind it all after all, Beelzebub is probably but a puppet in his whole game. Just who is Lavalley, who is this guy and why does he wants the end of the world and to see people suffer so much? Is he simply a God of Chaos gone astray? I feel there is a lot more here than meet the eye, otherwise his character would just be one big empty villain.

Shingeki no Bahamut - Genesis Martinet

Villain aside, if we go back to our main characters, Amira has been transformed into a key of doom, Favaro is “dead” and also a demon and Kaiser is probably falling somewhere once again for the nth time this episode. Can’t say this is the best outcome for the characters we’ve been following since the beginning. While it is clear Kaiser will still be fine somehow and while Favaro’s resurrection is pretty much a given, I’m kind of curious as to how cheesy the story will go when it comes to Amira’s resurrection. Will she come back to life or is she actually gone for good? She was just a vessel for the key in the first place, it really wouldn’t be that big of a loss if she were to be consumed in the awakening of Bahamut. Although with the current track record of Shingeki no Bahamut, it really would be no surprise to see her come back unaffected by all this. They really seem to dislike killing any character at all.

Shingeki no Bahamut - Genesis Amira

There really ain’t that many surprise left to be found in Shingeki no Bahamut, but we are reaching the end so it is to be expected. At this point we should just appreciate the action and fantasy and enjoy the ride till the end, the discovery is over. Let us see the final unfold I say.

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