Shingeki no Bahamut – Genesis episode 4: Absurd Fight on the High Sea

Shingeki no Bahamut - Genesis zombies attacking fishmen

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I must say I am rather surprised at how quickly the story has progressed in this episode of Shingeki no Bahamut. After the first 3 episodes it seemed that the show would have a more episodic adventure approach, I felt like we would go from one little story and bounty hunting to the next until we near the end and we get the final super action coming our way. It seems I was way off, because this episode not only did our characters get ever closer to Helheim, but now the demons have even taken notice and capture Amira. Now that deities are involved, I find it much less likely that we will get some low-brow bounty hunting going on.

Shingeki no Bahamut - Genesis drunk god

This episode had one of the most absurd confrontation I had seen in a while…and I loved it. I liked that even the characters in the show had a huge wtf-face going on. Between the attack of the Giant Crab, to the fight between Fishmen’s and Zombies, it was a huge clusterfuck of random confrontation. It was hilarious to see Leone facial expression when he looked down from his rope to see the incomprehensible mess that was going on under him. I would have probably hated this scene if it was not acknowledge for its complete ridiculousness, the acknowledgement was enough to have me on-board and accept that this was not a normal occurrence even in that universe. I wouldn’t want stuff like this to happen every episode, but seeing Kaiser come out of nowhere with an army of zombie while he was screaming at Favaro for revenge made me laugh so bad. He really acted like this worthless nemesis that never achieve anything but keeps butting in no matter how difficult and intense the situation is.

Shingeki no Bahamut - Genesis Kaiser invading

Speaking of Kaiser, we learned quite a bit more about the relationship between him and Leone and I found their background quite interesting. This divide and story of betrayal, where the both of them lost their father with the outcome of the same event. While we didn’t get the official words yet, it seems that Leone actually never betrayed anyone and instead it was all the work of a demon that their father died. I’d be willing to bet Leone just felt he had no right or power in saying anything and it might explain his lack of care in his way of life. Leone obviously has some unresolved issues he is running away from. Having said that, I felt that the discovery that Amon was in fact the one who set up the whole thing which led to the death of the two childhood friends’ father was given a bit too soon in this story. We had just learned of the events and we didn’t even get to experience a shred of unknown and mystery that everything is revealed the moment after. It was even more anticlimactic that the one person responsible for it died in a very non-epic way moments after we even learn he was responsible. The lack of importance given to that background story makes me sad, I really wish there was a bit more emphasis on the development of the characters despite the awesome story.

Shingeki no Bahamut - Genesis childhood memories

In the end, it is only the 4th episode and the fallen angel already has his hand on Amira. While it is certain that things will just keep getting more and more epic in the story from now on, it could also mean the atmosphere of the show might change quite a bit now. Amira and Kaiser are now together in what appears to be “a hell among the clouds” leaving Leone and Rita to rot in the wrecked ships down below. Will everyone be reunited once again or will we see a couple episode with the partner interchanged, we will probably know very soon. At least, maybe now that Leone is with Rita he will actually have an answer from her as to how she manages to live and act freely despite being a zombie!

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