Shingeki no Bahamut – Genesis episode 6: Holy Knight, the Savior

Shingeki no Bahamut - Genesis Jeanne in armor

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I am now absolutely convinced Shingeki no Bahamut will be a single 12 or 13 episodes anime. With the pace things are progressing at, I’m surprised we are already at the 6th episode to begin with. This feels like we are already nearing the end and yet we are only about halfway through the story. I wonder how much higher, how much more epic things can become for Favaro and his “friends”.

Shingeki no Bahamut - Genesis Favaro epic face

From episode to episode it simply feels like there is no more character that can possibly be introduced, like the development of the story has reached its course and we are ready for the final showdown, yet once again this episode we’ve had some more characters who were either first introduced, like the demon who was nagging Azazel, or characters like Jeanne D’arc, who we finally got to meet in a non-combat scenario. We are somehow still just slowly making progress into this crazy world of Shingeki no Bahamut despite all the demons attack, the blessing of the angels or seeing Azazel leading an army of demon towards the human’s Capital. There is no more question that Bahamut will awaken, at this point, it is the only being aside from Lucifer and Zeus himself that has yet to show up.

From there, we learned this episode that a prophesied holy knight will come to save the day and defeat Bahamut at the height of its power and destruction. Everyone believes Jeanne d’Arc will be this holy knight as she is already proving to be far above any other mortal. Yet this would all be way too simple and it wouldn’t follow the telling scheme for the show. Shingeki no Bahamut might be a fantastic anime, it might have original character and a creative universe, but the story follows a very generic pattern, it is therefore really easy to guess who that Knight will be. I’m ready to put money down that Amira, Favaro or Kaiser will be the one. the most likely to be chosen is probably Favaro. We know pretty much already know how this anime will end, but it remains very interesting and exciting, while it is already pretty sure who will defeat Bahamut and bring back the peace, I have no idea how epic things will have become once we get there.

Shingeki no Bahamut - Genesis conquering bahamut

Now, knowing who will defeat Bahamut is one thing, but the question that remains and make me most curious is to know who the hell wants to wake him up in the first place. From what I understand Bahamut will bring about the death of all living thing, mortal and Gods alike. Is there someone who believes he can tame Bahamut somehow? Or maybe someone hopes to survive the cataclysm and use the opportunity to gain more power? It is difficult for me to understand what kind of motive anyone could have to bring about the end of all lives. There must be something we are missing…or the one behind all of this is really foolish. Since the culprit was able to steal the God’s Key to begin with, I will assume he isn’t stupid, but it remains a puzzling goal. I’m curious to learn more about this other sign of the coin, maybe there are important information we are still missing. Not that it would be surprising in this rich and mystical universe.

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