Shingeki no Kyojin episode 1 [First Impression] : the Titans have arrived


This show reeks of seinen and drama, and I think it might be one of those tears jerkers of the season. Rare are the anime good enough to take your heart and shatter it to pieces from the cruelty of their world, but Shingeki no Kyojin might very well make it happen.

titan is hungry

The show’s art might be a little…unique? But it was still able to properly express the complete gruesomeness of the episode and to convey the feelings of complete hopelessness the human had facing of the titans. The soundtrack was also especially great at building the suspense and making the event seem even more unbelievable and out of control. After all, the life of everyone in the village was completely changed after an event like this; I wonder if any of them will even manage to survive after such a cataclysmic event.


The universe is also compelling. It is interesting to learn more about those Titans: why are they in such varying sizes, why do they feast on humans and why don’t they have any genitalia? So many questions that one might ask, and it seems no one in the village even has a guess as to how to answer it. From my understanding of biology it seems that if the giants feast only on humans their existence wouldn’t be able to last long; one of those beasts would probably need the whole village just to feed for a week, and yet there were so many of them. I’m curious what kind of diet could they have to be in such great numbers and still be able to sustain some kind of environment. Outside the city walls there were plants everywhere, so the giants haven’t eaten everything outside and are now going for the city because it is the only place left; everything is looking fine outside, so the Titans must be eating something else beside humans to have survived this long (at least 100 years) and reproduced so much (even though they don’t seem to have any genitalia).

spider man warrior

It is pretty clear that Eren will now be going to visit his father, since his father somehow managed to survive that apocalypse by pure luck. I hope that the two of them will actually meet and his father won’t just straight away die as soon as Eren find him again. That would be really sad, since his father looked like a really influential and awesome man.

shingeki no kyojin eren

This show looks like a blast to watch and cry to, and I will most definitively watch and blog it. I can smell the awesomeness already, and this episode was already enough to convince me that this show is worth watching and therefore you can be sure that next Sunday episode 2 will be out and blogged right here.


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