Shingeki no Kyojin episode 10: Armin’s ascension to manhood

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Well this episode was full of surprises, I must admit I never though that humanity could ever come to accept something so monstrous and different, after all human have such a great tendency to fuck up every opportunity they have to make change to their way of life. I wouldn’t be surprised that even though Eren was sparred this episode, he will be regarded as a monster in society and the military might have to protect him from conservative extremist who might want his death.

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So I guess that my prediction of the obvious for the future of the show that I made last episode were pretty much all wrong. I must admit I never expected that Eren would stay with the army, but I guess it does explain how he will manage to keep as friends all the awesome character we met during his training. At least it is recomforting to know that Sasha isn’t going anywhere, she is a fan favorite after all, difficult to do otherwise after she murder that bread a few episodes back.

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Now into the episode itself, this episode was the time when we got rid of the whiniest and emo character out there. Armin didn’t only had a terrible name, he also had a terrible personality and he was crying most of the time. It was especially painful to see him go because he was surrounded by two monsters who were never scared and always jumped into action. Now that powerless and useless Armin is finally gone, he’s forever dead and replaced with a new, more emotionally stable and useful, Armin. The episode was a bit annoying at some point because it was centered around Armin’s annoying whining, but it was totally worth it. The guy needed his time to strengthen up and learn to love himself for his strength, not only focus on his weaknesses. I’m really glad we won’t have a huge whinner following Eren and Mikasa anymore, if Armin could become as much of a strategy bad ass as Eren is an expert in blind determination and Mikasa a monster on the battlefield, the trio could easily become a force that is impossible to reckon with, even for an army of Titans.

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I must admit I almost forgot about the commander until he showed up again this episode, we never really got the chance to know what kind of person he was, but boy was I happy to see him suddenly show up like that. The previous commanding officer was obviously insane and terrible at his job, it seems like people just love showing incompetent people in position of power, although the guy’s fear were understandable, it was so exaggerated that it made it seems a bit unbelievable and the guy looked like a bad guy more than anything else. I mean every single soldier on the field was calmer than he was, the guy is definitively not fit for his job and it is surprising that he wasn’t demoted or given less power on important decision than what he currently has.

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I guess that the show will be going in much different directions than what I was expecting at first, but I’m not disappointed in the new direction in the least, if anything it could be even more interesting as it will involve more character and society itself. Everything is more complicated when you have a whole country to consider at the same time.

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