Shingeki no Kyojin episode 13: Wings of Freedom

Shingeki no Kyojin wings of liberty

Well for epic, this was definitively epic. I expected nothing less from the final episode of this second arc, this episode also marks the halfway point for the anime and what seems to be the real beginning of Eren’s adventure. Shingeki no Kyojin turns out to be even more epic and badass than I could have ever hoped for, I’m not sure which God I’m supposed to bow to now for bringing such a brilliant thing to life and allowing me to see it.

Shingeki no Kyojin carrying the boulder

You know what really brings me into this show? It is death. By that I don’t mean the gore or violence, I don’t mind the thousand of soldier who are in pain before they die. What I mean by that is what we saw this episode with Marco Bott. His death could have been without meaning, just another dead soldier, but the show loves to capture us emotionally as we see people slowly disappear in brutal and cruel ways. After all two of the three most elite soldier of humanity just died this episode and it wasn’t just death either, they fought suicidal battle for the sake of humanity. They knew they were completely doomed when they had to fight on foot against the Titans, yet they still did it. Their death was even more cruel than in other shows too, because it is not like they were shot to death or they exploded…no, in this show they are simply taken into the grasp of Titans, put to their mouth and they either die crunched or they slowly die inside the Titan’s stomach where they are digested into some kind of honey-like liquid and later on they are puke back out. Their deaths are completely cruel, they happen slowly and they have time to realize and think a lot before they actually die. The fear in their eyes as they lose all control on their lives is something incredibly fascinating to me and this show pictures it so well.

Shingeki no Kyojin fear

It is even more disconcerting to know that their death is completely meaningless, it is not like the Titan even really feed on them or anything, they eat them for fun and puke them later. The death of human have no purpose what so ever, it makes every single sacrifice even more cruel and painful to watch. In the end humanity one, for once, every life loss wasn’t in vain. This victory is more than a mere territory, it is more than just winning back what was lost or retaking territory, this is a symbolic and experimental attack on the titan. Now humanity knows that they can win, they now have a weapon that they can use to their advantages. While the casualties where high, it was a cheap price to pay to give humanity hope again. If people can start dreaming of regaining what was loss again, a new generation of human freedom fighter could be born and reinvigorate humanity’s greed and desire for liberty.

Shingeki no Kyojin Marco dead

At the end of the episode it was clear that Eren was still looked at as a monster, but at least he was looked like a monster who could bring great victory for humanity, even better, Levi saw in Eren’s eyes, he saw his desire for liberty and fighting, he knew that he wasn’t dealing with just a secret weapon, he was meeting with a fighting in body and spirit. This makes me quite excited for the next arc in the series where Eren will join the Recon Corp and fight alongside them to regain Wall Maria and learn everything that needs to be learned about the Titan and maybe even learn where the hell Eren’s father was all this time.

Shingeki no Kyojin crazy eren

Next week will be a recap episode, it might be presented a bit differently from what we saw so far, but overall it is still a recap. Please take note that I won’t be making a post next week for the purpose of the recap and I will continue the week after for the beginning of the next arc. We’ll see each other again in 2 weeks.

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