Shingeki no Kyojin episode 17: Female Titan

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The recon expedition has finally begun and now the action and epicness is continuing once again. No more emotional drama and character development, now we are back into the pure action and titan killing business and this episode got a lot better than I expected it to be. I didn’t expect that I’d learn more about titans and how they work watching the episode considering that it would revolve primarily around the action, but it turns out that a lot was revealed and explained by none others than Armin.

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That guy really changed wonderfully over the last few tens of episodes, he went from being a royal pussy to become a really strong and important character. I guess that being responsible for Eren’s death once before was enough for him to awaken his inner male power. In this episode he not only fought against a super intelligent Titan, he also managed to figure out just about everything about those special class of Titan that none others seem to even have the slightest clue about. I already had some theories about those special Titans in a previous post long ago, back when Eren and Armin were still training. I thought that Titan were reincarnations of humans and that those with strong enough personalities were able to become the aberrations that we see often. Now Armin is coming up with the possibility that instead there are simply human Titan like Eren that are out there and by the way that female Titan is behaving, it is pretty clear that this is where the story will be heading next.

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Eren is special as he can transform into a Titan and it seems that there are others like him, but they are not on humanities side and instead they are helping out the Titan. I am pretty sure that the female Titan is working her way to Eren to try and make contact with him. I feel like this is some kind of recruitment campaign more than anything else. They are most likely trying to talk to Eren to have him learn more of the truth about something and I wouldn’t be surprised if in the end the Titan side of things wasn’t all that crazy at all and that Eren was able to be convinced to join their side. I feel like Titans might very well be a representation of humanities transcendence into a better existence and that those intelligent Titan are only the missionaries that make sure that all of humanities can join their higher level of existence. At the very least that is my theory by expanding on Armin’s current theories, but I am pretty sure that I am at least partially off because if it were the case some of Armin’s theory simply wouldn’t match with it.

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I’m really surprised that the expedition didn’t even managed to get halfway out of the gate and already their entire operation was completely decimated. It just seems that whenever Eren is involved special Titan always show up to destroy everything. Every single time a special titan showed up it was because Eren was there after all, so I’m really eager for us to learn what is finally the deal with the Titans and why they want to get Eren so badly.

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