Shingeki no Kyojin episode 20: Traitor

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I really really hate this show, they just have a way to make the worst/best cliffhanger imaginable. I was already stoked to know that maybe I would get to finally learn more about the Titan and who that traitor was and why he did all of this, yet now we are one more episode in and nothing has been answered except for a confirmation that there indeed was a traitor inside of that female Titan. I am expecting for the traitor to be female, if only because the Titan was the same gender. I really have no idea anymore how things will turn out in the next episode considering how things are going right now, it is pretty obvious that there will be a confrontation between Eren and the female Titan, right now I’m just uncertain if it will be in human or Titan form. At this point it is already scary enough to know that one of the recon special force team member died by the hand of the traitor, I cannot fathom what kind of trouble will be present in the next episode.

Shingeki no Kyojin TRAITOR

What I do know is that, as I predicted, this episode we got to learn a bunch more about both Erwin and his plan with this mission. Not only did we learned that he had planned to capture that Titan all along, but we even saw that he was willing to sacrifice the troop for it because that Titan wasn’t just any ordinary Titan, she was a traitor amongs their midst who kept spying on them and making sure that the Titan would have their ways. Now this proves more interesting than it seems at first, because while the idea of a traitor in wars is nothing special usually, it has much deeper meaning and consequences in the case of Titan. Titans were tought to be mindless giant who hate human, but it seems that there are humans vouching for them somehow. It is hard to comprehends right now why or how human could cooperate with Titan, but it sure seems to be a way because it is clear at this point that the attack on the walls and the execution of the test subject Titan were done by humans to protect “Titan interest” and not simply by luck or coward and vengeful soldiers.

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This makes the world of Shingeki no Kyojin more than a case of eat or be eaten and more a real war, there is two faction at play here and it seems that brain are present in both case…just that one of the side has bigger soldier than the other. We can definitively expect a big reveal about this second faction before the end of this season, I highly doubt that the show would leave us without letting us know what is going on with the titan side, if anything I believe they will tell us and finish the season right there hyping for a second season, that would be more their style. So tune in next week when we are once again tease with more information and yet no real answers.

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