Shingeki no Kyojin episode 22: Failure

Shingeki no Kyojin crying

This episode gave a conclusion to the epic expedition of Erwyn and the disastrous consequences that came with it. The episode was filled with sentiment of regret and sadness as dead bodies were thrown to the ground and fathers came to meet their now dead daughters. Unfortunately, those are the kind of things that hardly touches me and are simply part of the realism of the show. I wanted those scenes to be there, I find them important, but I really have nothing of importance to discuss about them.

Shingeki no Kyojin lost comrade

Instead there is something else that really bugs me right now and which I want answer before the end of the season…Why was Annie crying when Eren got taken away? Why is it that suddenly her emotion showed as her target escaped from her grasp? Is it because she had done all those cruel things to her once comrades for nothing? Is it because she will suffer dire repercussion for failing from her superior? Is it because she knows that now Eren will be in danger because of her? Or is it simply because she failed? There are just so many possibilities but we have yet to know anything about her or the faction that she is representing.

Shingeki no Kyojin from the jaw of the beast

There are still so many element in this show that are left unanswered and there are so few episode left, I am starting to feel anxious that maybe Shingek no Kyojin will have a poor ending or a cliffhanger for a last episode. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if the show had a second season, but I am certainly hoping that a lot more information could be said before everything ends. I would really hate for everything to finish with so many questions left and no answers in sight. My final judgement on such a good show will depend on it.

Shingeki no Kyojin Levi on the run

As for this episode, the one other thing that really striked me was how fucking bad ass Levi was. I mean we already knew that he was a bad ass, we knew his team was really good, but I never expected for the difference in skill to be this important between Levi and the rest of his squad. Compared to him even Mikasa looks like a little kitten in training. He managed to single-handedly defeat that female titan and bring her to a alt, where his whole team previously failed even with 3 of them. I think that Levi is a serious monster, even more so than Eren. I am really curious to see who his next team members will be, I am pretty sure that if anything Mikasa will join him as she definitively as the skill level for it, although she is still missing the experience and emotional restraint needed for the job. It must have been devastating for Levi to lose his whole squad so quickly in a single operation, but from the look of it Levi is strong enough to live through it. Next episode we will learn what will happen of the Recon Corp and more specifically what will happen of Eren.

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