Shingeki no Kyojin episode 23: Annie Unleashed

Shingeki no Kyojin change in wind

2 more episodes and everything might well turn either into complete disaster or in a real cruel cliffhanger. This episode was so well done and they manage to have everything work exactly as the plan dictated. Armin even managed to fool me for a bit as I did not expect him to have figured out everything about Annie yet. I know that Armin is a bright kid, but I always seem to underestimate him. He definitively has the brain to beginning an important officer that is for sure.

Shingeki no Kyojin traitor

In the end this episode finally confirms that Annie is the traitor and the female Titan, but it also raises even more questions. If Annie was one of the two soldier who killed the science experiments, it means that there is still another traitor out there. At this point we just don’t have the slightest clue about who it is. This season will probably end with Annie’s downfall, but there will still be so many questions and things unanswered.

Shingeki no Kyojin despair

The few questions that were finally answered this episode were: 1. Annie is definitively the female Titan, 2. Annie is the one who killed Marco during the battle of Trost and she stole his maneuver gear to assassinate the science subject. 3. The reason the female Titan never killed Armin was because she was Annie and that, as we found out this episode, Annie was in love with Armin somehow. On that last point I feel like the anime probably never gave enough scene to make this visible before and that maybe the manga managed a better job at showing this as a possibility earlier on.

Shingeki no Kyojin let's make a contract

I must say I am rather surprised at Annie’s reaction when she was found out. I thought that she might try to “convert” her friend, or something similar, but I never expected that she would crack into a maniacal laughter and claim her point through her transformation. Now it seems that the last episode of the show will be more fighting between friends than anything else. I am mostly curious to see what the reaction of the people will be to Annie showing up in the middle of their inner cities. The populace will go crazy if they realize that there are traitor groups of human who can turn into Titan and kill them all at any moment. What I fear most with the events that are about to occur is that Annie will be killed before we can get any explication or answer from her. There is just so many things I still want to know, like why is she trying to get Eren alive? why is she a Titan? What was the objective of her life or her organization. I’m scared most of those questions won’t be answered in the next 2 episodes and it makes me cry that we might have to wait ages before a second season come out. Either way, this episode was great and I cannot wait for the final two.

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  1. Shu Shu says:

    its funny how you easily assumed she was in love with him, annie character is complex and at this point of story she didnt have any romantic feeeling toward anyone even toward Eren who is got more intimated relationship with her

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