Shingeki no Kyojin episode 3: Failure of a Soldier

Shingeki no Kyojin potato girl

Mikasa had to get a haircut this episode to lower her power level; otherwise, she was too powerful and completely outshun Eren. That girl is so strong that she made the drill instructor look like a pussy; I think that Eren is doing a favor for humanity by becoming a solider, but not because he is joining, only because he is pushing Mikasa to become a part of the army with him. I have a theory that suggests that Mikasa stole the balls of every man in her village when she was younger, only leaving Eren’s balls in their place. That theory would explains why that girl is so awesome and why Armin is a cowardly pussy.

Shingeki no Kyojin armin

Mikasa aside, this episode was definitively awesome, just like every single one before it. It is really difficult to believe that this show has 25 episodes when things are already this intense and amazing at the 3rd episode. No Titans attacked this time and yet it was just as incredible as the last two episodes before it. I was scared for a minute that maybe the main character would never become the awesome Titan slayer he was hyped to become. After all it was pretty shitty to see someone fail at the basics of the basics. He didn’t even have to move, he wasn’t even able to stand still that he was already smashing his face upside down; it was pretty humiliating to see him fail that bad at it. How lame would it have been if it turned out that Eren was a completely useless hero who would never manage to reach his dream? I think the show would have completely changed genres from a shounen to a psychological drama.

Shingeki no Kyojin utmost failure

On a different note we got to meet some new interesting character this episode. I have no idea what to think of Potato Girl yet. I’m not sure if that girl got balls or if she is just severely mentally challenged. It was pretty obvious that she was oblivious to the insane insults she was giving to the drill instructor, but it seems she is not that stupid either. For some reason people say that she was more than willing to run until she drops, she only complained when she heard she wouldn’t be able to eat. That girl thinks with her stomach but there is so much focus on her that it is difficult to think that she won’t be more involved in the story later on. I actually expect her to become a much more powerful character in the future. After all, this show seems to have a certain liking for powerful female characters. Just about every single girl in the show is bad ass and beyond awesome. I would not be surprised if this trend was to continue in the future. If you are uncertain of what I’m talking about, just look at all the ladies we saw this episode. If we forget about the kind-hearted blond girl, every single one of them had some kind of solid personality and attitude. Meanwhile the guys were mostly pussies trying to be safe inside the inner wall and  crying like babies.

Shingeki no Kyojin Mikasa

I cannot wait for the next episode. Shingeki no Kyojin is by far the best show this season and it is a great anime that everyone can enjoy…it is simply perfect.

ZeroGhj signing  off

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