Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 5: The End of Eren

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What the hell is wrong with this show? I absolutely hate this episode; it was too good. Shows shouldn’t be allowed to be this good in any circumstances. I mean the show was supposed to feature the main character kill every single one of the Titans and save mankind, now by the way things are going it seems that Eren might not even make it out alive of his first encounter with Titans. A show shouldn’t be allowed to completely twist its story like that; I never expected it, not even one bit. I knew some things would go wrong, but never this wrong.

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I mean first of all, Eren isn’t actually dead yet and with the bad ass way he keeps on fighting there is barely any chance he plans to die even if he is swallowed by a giant. I still have trouble figuring out how he will manage to live through that one though, only possibility I can still see is for Armin to man up and kill that Titan and meanwhile Eren will gently sleep in the Titan’s belly until he is rescued later on. Either way Eren lost both an arm and a leg and anyone would clearly say that his career as a Recon Corps member is over already. To those who say that I have one little detail to point out, and that is the little glimpse of flashback that we got back at episode 2. We know that when he was younger Eren was injected with some weird stuff by his father and we still have no idea what it was or what for. I would be willing to bet that it gave Eren the regenerative power of the Titans and that he will therefore be able to regenerate his missing limbs once he is saved. This would make it so Eren really is a really special bad ass and that he has everything needed to actually defeat the Titans once he gets outside the walls.

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I was also quite stunned by the amount of information that was disclosed this episode, especially concerning the Titans and just every single bit of information I previously questioned about them. I did have earlier criticism and said it was weird for Titans to be able to survive outside the walls for over a century without food and that it was also weird that they had no genitalia and yet they somehow managed to reproduce in large amount. All those questions and more were answered this episode and I am simply at a lost for word to describe how awesome and deep this show goes. I don’t have any doubts anymore that Shingeki no Kyojin is a show worth the watch for anyone and everyone, that show has a solid story and solid characters and it seems that not a single plot hole will be left once everything has been told.

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I really wonder what kind of episode we’ll get next week…but next week cannot come any slower! This show is so cruel it shouldn’t be allowed to have such cliffhanger or to be this awesome in generalè I don’t want to watch this show every week I want it now! NOW! I need more of Shingeki no Kyojin, I want to throw all my money at this show already, maybe this way the episode will start coming out faster!

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2 Responses to Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 5: The End of Eren

  1. Ferry Pepew says:

    But i agree with you about the injecting stuff, that the titan only swallowed not eating him, i think he will got through from the belly of the titans, that’s what i think

    • Zeroghj says:

      I feel like this is the most likely possibility too, only other option I see is that Mikasa will somehow manage to run fast enough to kill that titan and save him from his belly, but that seems really unlikely and I feel that the injection option sounds way cooler.

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