Shingeki no Kyojin episode 8: Eren is reborn

Shingeki no Kyojin eren is back

I must say that I am not surprised of the outcome of this episode. I was expecting for Eren to either transform back into a human or for him to come out of that Titan…and he did just that. It was already way too obvious that he was going to come back alive into the show; I was just extremely surprised of the way he did so. Yet now there is already so many more questions that can be asked with this episode. Here are some of the things that can be easily deduced from everything we have seen so far.

Shingeki no Kyojin mano to mano

First of all, Eren is alive. If you thought he was dead, here are the many reason why it is not the case.

1. He stood up inside the Titan once the Titan crashed to the ground

2. Mikasa is a cold-hearted killer, she would have accepted Eren death, like she already has. Since she is crying it means that she got some emotions back and what could give emotion more than to have your belief of the death of your loved one be wrong? She was ready to rebuild her whole world but instead she now found out that it won’t be necessary.

Shingeki no Kyojin mikasa crying

3. Even if you interpret Mikasa’s emotion differently, if she wouldn’t have felt a pulse at his heart she would have simply searched a bit more or taken a better grip, if you can’t get someone’s pulse at first, you try again before assuming that person is dead, or you try to reanimate the person. She didn’t do any of those things.

4. This is the most decisive factor…The previews said so. It was already said in the previews that Eren will be labeled a monster next episode. People usually don’t exile dead man.

Another thing that is now pretty obvious from the events of this episode is that my previous theory about everyone becoming Titans when they died is most likely wrong, instead the theory where “Eren has been injected with some weird drugs by his father” is the one that stands out as the most likely right now. I would even go as far as to say that it is definitively the right one. Since the preview of next episode already revealed that Eren is a monster, it is easy to understand that it is a phenomenon that only applies to him. Furthermore since he was a Titan but never managed to actually regenerate it means that he isn’t a perfect Titan in the end; therefore he is either a proper human or a proper titan. How terrible must it be to be rejected from every one of both species.

Let's break ALL the windows !

Let’s break ALL the windows !

Now from here it is really easy to see how the show will be going, and I like it. Obviously Eren and his gang will go outside the city wall and fight titans and survive until the end of their lives. They won’t be welcomed inside the walls and they still want to save the whole of humanity, so it seems like a very likely direction if you ask me. We will be able to explore the world with them, learn more about the Titans and re-explore the ruins of the outer walls.

Kick the Baby !

Kick the Baby !

I more than welcome the change that is around the horizon, I’m excited to see how intense or different the show will be now that human contacts will most likely be kept to a minimum. I’m also really happy that for once this episode didn’t ended in a terrible cliffhanger !

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  1. MoonHermit says:

    Just a small correction: Eren DID regenerate in titan form: remember in the previous episode, after his second punch (that was so strong he mutilated his hand in the process)? He regenerated that.

    That said… I think you’re REALLY going to enjoy what’s in store during the arc after episode 13 (the halfway point for the anime) comes around.

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