Shinsekai Yori episode 10: subconscious suicide

So many things are happening all at once this episode, but before I dwell into the story of this episode, I have to talk a little about some problems I have with this show as of now.  The story is intense; I cannot say anything about it. The universe is well-built and I have yet to see a plot hole. Where I really find the show is lacking is in terms of the characters. I feel like I simply cannot relate to them at all. This episode was supposed to be emotional, heartbreaking even, yet I hardly felt anything because I simply don’t care at all for Saki. I liked Shun a while ago, but now I hardly even mind that he just committed suicide and that one of the main characters left the show so early.

I believe it might just be me, but I cannot relate to the characters in Shinsekai Yori. Saki is just too stupid for me to care about her, Shun had an awesome future, except he doesn’t have a future anymore, meanwhile I hate Maria, don’t care for Mamoru and I’m neutral towards Satoru. Why do I even bother with the show then you might ask? Well I can’t deny how good and awesome it is even if it doesn’t manage to reach me. As previously stated, if it wasn’t for my lack of fuck given for the characters, the show is perfectly balanced between drama, action and adventure.

Now back to the episode itself, we finally learned a lot more about Cantus and how they are used. At this point, it’s not just Cantus; we learned so much about the world of Shinsekai Yori itself. Why every animal looks so strange, and why everything has become so deformed and changed. At first I believed that a single powerful group or a group of powerful individuals created those new species with their great Cantus control. It turns out that everyone has been subconsciously transforming the world around them. How scary and awesome is it that now the human subconscious is able to shape the world and transform it? I mean, in real life we are already doing something quite similar with industrialization and the reshaping of multiple lands to fill our needs, but in Shinsekai Yori social culture are determining not only the cults and morals of it, but also the shape of every species and life form around them.

Shun was actually such a talented student that he was simply too bright and powerful for his own good. It is never a good sign when you lose control of your power so much that you unconsciously kill your parents and destroy your whole village. I can understand why Shun was a little down this episode and didn’t mind to be left alone to die. To be honest, I would most likely try to isolate myself and put an end to my life if it meant I would make everyone I love suffer, I would find death a much more painless option than a life of misery and emptiness.

ZeroGhj signing off

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